Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sickly Week

So the kids seemed to be getting colds last weekend when I wrote.  Lindy had a fever on Sunday evening so I kept her home from school – even though the fever broke in the middle of the night.  On Sunday she mostly just had a runny nose but Monday she was coughing some.  She acted completely normal but I didn’t want her coughing all over everyone.  She seemed to play fine all morning so I did go ahead and take her to physical therapy in the afternoon.  She was warned about playing around and she did do better this time.   Monday evening I had a meeting at the hospital that I went to.

Tuesday I sent her to school and we went to gymnastics.  She was coughing some but was still acting fine. 

Wednesday morning she woke up coughing a bunch.  She was already dressed and ready to go to school and we made a last minute decision to get her a doctor’s appointment.  Her bout of pneumonia and her hospital stay in the spring scared us.  Last spring it started as a cold and went into pneumonia.  Life with Lindy has been identified as BP – before pneumonia, and AP – after pneumonia.  We’re going to take colds and coughs a little more seriously and be a lot more proactive so she does not end up in the hospital again.  It was no fun and it was expensive!!  We headed to school and dropped Will off and then we went to her appointment.  They said she did sounded junky and that she had some bronchitis.  They put her on an antibiotic and told me to give her mucinex.  I’ve continued her allergy medicine too so she is getting some nice cocktails these days.  I was afraid it would be a waste of time and money but I guess it was worth it.  She still hasn’t acted sick but her coughs sound bad. 

Wednesday morning was a hopping morning.  I was trying to get an appointment for Lindy and reschedule another appointment she was supposed to have that afternoon all while the kids were eating breakfast.  We look over and Will’s nose is bleeding all over his face.  We get that stopped, or so we thought – but after he got out of his chair it started up two more times.  We were late to school that morning because so much was going on.  His teacher said it started bleeding a little more during class but it was stopped easily.

Wednesday was “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”  A fun day for our pirate lovers.  This fun day was made all the better by Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  They had a deal on Wednesday if you came in and talked like a pirate you got a free doughnut.  If you came dressed like a pirate you got a free dozen doughnuts.  Lindy wasn’t too sick to dress up like a pirate that afternoon and go get some doughnuts!  We were shocked that they gave both kids a dozen doughnuts!  Not bad for free!!

Thursday both kids went to school and Will had another nose bleed during class.  His teacher said she looked at Will and blood was running down his face and onto his shirt.  He doesn’t even realize it.  Which I find odd – I think you’d feel it.  I don’t know what caused them but thankfully he hasn’t had another one since Thursday. 

Thursday afternoon we had a private vision tutor come do a session with Lindy.  It’s the first time she has ever worked with her and Lindy did great.  She is trying to figure out what Lindy can and cannot do but she said Lindy uses her vision well.  Lindy scanned I Spy books and found the items she asked for.   We are going to do monthly sessions just to keep us in touch with a vision therapist during the lapse in services from the school system.  Thursday evening Drew took the kids to choir practice.

Friday Will had soccer at 5:30pm but it didn’t go quite as well this week as last week.  They played a new game where they were foxes and the coach was the hunter.  They all had jerseys hanging out of the back of their pants and the coach would pull their tails.  Then you became a hunter with him.  I didn’t actually see it happen but apparently Will got his tail pulled and he tripped and fell all at the same time.  He came up crying so hard.  Drew thinks he was just mad about getting his tail pulled.  I don’t really know.  The coach calmed him down some and then they came for a water break.  I got him to take some deep breaths and he seemed good to go.  They did another game and at the end of the game they were supposed to pick up the cones.   Well all the other kids got the cones and Will didn’t have any cones to pick up and he started up crying again.  He was crying so hard – it was kind of strange.  I got him calmed down again and he finished the end of practice but then he got to crying so hard after practice telling us about it.  He cheered up when we told him we were going to a Wake Forest men’s soccer game with Kris, Micah, and Claire.  We had a great time at the game – even if it went into overtime and still ended in a tie.  It was a beautiful evening for a soccer game!

Saturday we had a Wake Forest football game at 12:30pm.  We had a mini birthday celebration for Bob – who turns 98 68 on Wednesday.  I made him some cupcakes and we took his birthday present.  This year all the Southern kids went in together and got him WF cornhole boards.  Sadly we didn’t really have much time to play and the kids kind of took over the game.  We’ll have to break them out next week for some real cornhole action.  I predict a real cornhole butt kicking on Bob!  Wake won their football game and it was a pretty – albeit hot – day for a game.  We left the game and headed directly to Claire’s 4th birthday party.  It was outdoors at a church playground and the kids had a blast.  They were pretty tired but still had fun.  We came home for baths and they crashed hard last night.  As did Drew and I!

Today we had church this morning and then we had an ice cream social this evening.  I made homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream and it turned out so yummy!  It’s been years since I’ve made homemade ice cream but man it was good!  Maybe we’ll make it more often! 

That wraps up our week.  Every week I think I didn’t take many pictures and then I transfer them and there are always over a 100.  I take more than I think! 

Lindy was reading a new book to her Baby Stella.DSC_7156Lindy at the doctor.  She got a little toy frog at church last week and she’s been obsessed with it this week.  It’s been everywhere with us.  She brought it to the doctor and she checked him out.  Froggy’s heart was sick.IMG_1403Lindy pretending to sleep on the bed.IMG_1405My little pirates.DSC_7159DSC_7160DSC_7161Surrender your doughnuts!!DSC_7163It’s all fun and games until someone’s tail gets pulled.DSC_7164DSC_7169One unhappy soccer player.DSC_7171DSC_7189Bananas unite.DSC_7196Bananas split.DSC_7197Go Bananas, Go Go Bananas!DSC_7199The Deacon came to visit us during the soccer game Friday night.IMG_1410It was like he was one of my kids.  ha!IMG_1416Celebrating Bob.DSC_7201DSC_7202DSC_7209Needs a little work on his form but not bad!DSC_7210DSC_7212They had 5 guys parachute into the football game on Saturday.  It was pretty cool!IMG_1427We arrived at Claire’s party to find the guest of honor sacked out in her stroller!DSC_7215DSC_7217DSC_7222The big 4 year old!DSC_7230DSC_7231The kids before church today.DSC_7246DSC_7248Do you love Lindy’s dress?  It’s straight out of 1982!  It was one of my dresses when I was little.  Only 30 years old!DSC_7255I wore it the first day of 1st grade (and for school pictures that year – the picture Lindy is holding).  BTW – I ate breakfast out of that same yellow bowl every day until it cracked and my parents had to find a replacement yellow bowl.  I ate out of a yellow bowl for half my life!DSC_7269DSC_7271I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!DSC_7258Dancing with Jeana!DSC_7267

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