Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beginning of Everything Week

Whew, everything started back up with a bang this week.  Even with a four day week I was tired at the end!

First thing to start was school!  Even though the kids turned 5, we held them back a year.  They had their last first day of preschool on Tuesday.  They were both very excited to get back to school.  Lindy has Will’s teacher from last year and Will has a new teacher.  So far they love their teachers and classes!  Lindy’s teacher is figuring out the FM system and how much Lindy can do by herself and how much help she needs.  I met with her teacher and the assistant director on Wednesday morning to show them how to change hearing aid batteries and how to put her hearing aids back in.  I mentioned she is a daredevil and on Friday her teacher agreed!  She said she would give her a heart attack out on the playground!  They are going 5 days a week this year, to get them ready for kindergarten next year.   They only have 5 kids in their classes on Tues/Thurs. and 11 on M/W/F. 

Will fell and hit his head last year in the gym and after that he was scared to play.  He was content to hang by the side.  I mentioned that to his teacher and told her to watch and see what he does and if he hangs back she could give him a little ‘push’ to get out and play.  So far he is out playing and running around.  He comes in sweaty every day!  I’m so glad he is out having fun.  I think one thing getting him out to play is Lindy.  They have never been in the same class or played on the same playground.  This year their classes do all the specials and recess together.  He’s mentioned multiple days playing with Lindy.  I’m just glad he is having fun at recess this year.

Right after our first day of preschool we headed to our first gymnastics class of the new year.  The kids had to eat on the way and we changed clothes when we got there.  They have the same teachers from last year, which is great.  They were so kind and patient with Lindy last year.  But I am happy to report that Lindy did the best she has ever done!!!  She is rocking this 5 year old thing.  She stayed on her shape (mostly) during circle time and followed the circuits well.  She even stood where she was supposed to stand and waited her turn.  I was so proud of her!!

Thursday we had a busy day as well.  We met with a vision teacher about possibly doing some private tutoring with Lindy this year.  She seemed nice, we just need to decide what to do.   We had a quick supper and then headed out to the first children’s choir practice of the school year at church.  The kids had fun with Miss Anna and Mr. Eddy.  They learned a new song for a performance later this month.

Friday was a busy evening.  I had my mothers of multiples fall consignment sale.  I had to help set up, unload 7 bins of clothes and a backseat full of toys, and then we got to shop.  While I was doing that, Drew took Will to his soccer meet and greet.  Will is going to play soccer for the first time ever.  He is doing a mini-passers program where they teach kids soccer skills.  It’s on Friday evenings for 7 weeks.  Friday night was just to meet the coach and see the kids on his team.  They will start practicing next week.  He is very excited about playing soccer.  His good buddy, Claire, is on his team.  It was a little hard for me to just sign him up and not Lindy.  She has asked a couple times to play and it has broken my heart.  It’s the first time one has done an activity and the other hasn’t.  We plan to bring a ball for her and Micah will be there watching Claire so I think she’ll be fine. 

Saturday the kids and I had a lazy morning and then we had to go get the stuff that didn’t sell in the consignment sale by 1pm.  We got our stuff and then we headed to the Wake/UNC football game.  The game was to start at 3pm and we got there a little after 1pm.  We tailgated until a monster thunderstorm rolled in.  Because of lightning in the area they actually evacuated the fans in their seats at the stadium.  Thankfully we hadn’t gone inside yet and were able to seek shelter in our cars.  They ended up delaying the game time by 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Problem was that it wouldn’t stop raining.  We were in the car at game time and it was still raining.  I 100% didn’t want to leave the game but I didn’t want to have the kids sitting out in the rain again.  So the kids and I left.  And then it stopped raining and turned into a perfect football evening.  To say I was mad was an understatement.  The Deacs beat UNC!!  I would have given anything to see that game in person.  I know if I had stayed then it would have poured the whole game.  ugggg. 

Anyways, here are pictures from our week.

First day of school!DSC_6867DSC_6873DSC_6880DSC_6905DSC_6870DSC_6901DSC_6889DSC_6893DSC_6897DSC_6906DSC_6970DSC_6976DSC_6988DSC_6991DSC_6907DSC_6911DSC_6913DSC_6916DSC_6917DSC_6918Lindy and Ms. SueDSC_6919Will and Ms. MayDSC_6920First ta-das of the new year.DSC_6925DSC_6926DSC_6927DSC_6936DSC_6938DSC_6939DSC_6943DSC_6947DSC_6949DSC_6956My sister sent a hand-me down leotard and this is how Lindy should wear it.DSC_6957This is how Lindy insisted to wear it.  All hiked up!DSC_6960Our little soccer player!DSC_7013DSC_7011Lindy, Will and Claire at the first soccer meeting.DSC_7016

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