Sunday, September 16, 2012

“A” Week

The kids had their first full week of school and they did great and loved every minute of it.  Lindy’s highlight of the week was being the helper one day.  Will is patiently waiting for his turn.  It was A week so they learned about all things A.  Ants, apples, alligators.  They had to bring in an item that started with A for show and tell and they both chose automobiles.  It’s going to be fun some weeks finding two items that begin with certain letters!

As for out of school activities, they had gymnastics on Tuesday and Lindy again did well.  Being a little older and having a year under her belt is making a huge difference!

Wednesday evening we started private hearing therapy with Lindy’s teacher from last year, Ms. Asbury.  We hadn’t seen her all summer so it was great to see her.  Lindy was so excited and had tons to tell her.  There have been big changes to the hearing impaired preschool class Lindy was in (like changing schools and going to an all day class) and it was interesting to hear about all of it.  We tried to get her up to date on where Lindy is after the summer.  We worked on Lindy listening to a small story and answering questions and then having her repeat the sentence we said.  We also played Simon Says which is a great hearing therapy game!  By holding Lindy back a year, we lost all her therapy services.  I think Lindy will do fine this year but I’m glad we will still be meeting once a month with her old teacher.  She can keep up with her progress and give me things to work on during the month.

Thursday morning I had a meeting at church and then the kids had choir practice at church that evening. 

Friday Will had his first soccer practice.  He is playing in a developmental type program where they just learn skills, not actually play games.  They played a bunch of games and looked like they were having a lot of fun while getting comfortable with the ball and learning how to dribble a ball.  Funny story – when Coach Dan first told them to dribble the ball Will picked up his soccer ball and started dribbling it like a basketball.  ha ha!  He looked up and noticed everyone else kicking it so he started kicking his too.  Claire is on his team and another little boy from our preschool is on his team.  Uncle Ed, Aunt Jamie, and Molly all came to watch him.  Molly kept Lindy busy the whole time and I don’t think she even realized Will was out there playing soccer!  After soccer we went for a quick piece of pizza - where we saw Lindy’s teacher Ms. Sue.  They were so excited to see her.  Lindy said, “I can’t believe Ms. Sue came to see me!”  ha ha.  After eating dinner we headed to the Wake Forest field hockey game.  I played field hockey in middle school and loved it.  I really enjoy the WF games.  At one time they won the national championship 3 years in a row.  They were so good for awhile there.  They haven’t done as well in recent years but are ranked #13 right now. 

Saturday morning we headed to the Apple Festival at a local historical park in town.  It was a really nice morning to be out.  They had music, old timey exhibits, apple food and the crowd favorite – pig races.   We enjoyed our first Apple Festival and I imagine we will make it back next year!  We came home to watch the Wake football game but we should have just stayed at the apple festival.  It was bad.  Very, very bad.

Today has been rainy and really chilly.  And the kids have colds.  9 days of school and we have our first colds.  Their noses started running last night and they are going strong today.  They were feeling okay so we headed to church because they had their first singing performance with the children’s choir.  Lindy is a diva who thinks she needs a microphone.  Besides having to run to get milk this afternoon, it’s been a good day to be lazy inside – with a box of tissues. 

Not too many pictures this week.  Mostly just soccer practice pictures.

Alligator hat for A week at school!DSC_7018Pretty girl before school one morning.DSC_7021The kids have had great imaginations lately.  And they have been playing with their creations a longer period of time.  A few weeks ago they built a car they played in all week.  This week they built a ‘ticket station’ they have played in all week.  DSC_7026Will is the official ticket master and gives out coins when he feels like it!  You can buy things with your coins.  Like play food.DSC_7029Lindy has had the little table set up as a tea party most of the week, complete with a table cloth.  Her babies have been willing participants all week long and have eaten well all week.DSC_7025The little soccer player!DSC_7039The proud sister.DSC_7042Touching all kinds of body parts to the soccer ball.DSC_7054DSC_7055DSC_7058Molly playing with Lindy.  Thanks Molly!DSC_7061DSC_7070Look at those skills SmileDSC_7079DSC_7081Will and Claire – soccer buddies.  They didn’t act like they knew each other but somehow always ended up near each other.DSC_7086Before practice I pulled Lindy’s socks up and put some little shin guards in her socks.  She was so excited to have shin guards!  She thought she was the deal!  One fell out in this picture but you can see the black thing in one sock.DSC_7089Coach Dan was checking to see if Will was frozen.  Will took his freezing very, very seriously!DSC_7093DSC_7104DSC_7109DSC_7114DSC_7116The Apple Fest was at an old Moravian settlement which is really neat.  They have a bunch of these old basements the kids thought were pretty neat.DSC_7131My little teacher teaching his willing student!DSC_7134Before church today.DSC_7137DSC_7141DSC_7143DSC_7146DSC_7148The kids had their first performance of the new school year.  Lindy is obsessed with the microphone.  She ended up playing with it instead of really singing into it though.  Going to have to talk about that with her!DSC_7152DSC_7155

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