Friday, December 27, 2013

Monday 12/23/13–Christmas with GrandBob and Suzette

On Monday the kids and I left my parents and headed to Charlotte to GrandBob and Suzette’s house.  Drew met us there, as well as Aunt Anna, Ed, Jamie, and Molly.  Suzette’s mom was at their house visiting so we got to visit with her. I think she was entertained by the kids!  We had a yummy spaghetti lunch and then exchanged Christmas presents.  The kids got things they loved!  As did everyone else but isn’t it really about the kids these days?

Lindy and her Aunt Anna!DSC_6055She got the cutest pair of ear muffs.  She was obsessed with a pair Suzette got last year so Suzette found her a pair.  She LOVES them!DSC_6057DSC_6060DSC_6062DSC_6065She loves my Gap sweatshirt so she was excited to get her own!DSC_6066DSC_6070Will got a magic set that he is very excited about.  Watch out, we might take his show on the road!DSC_6076DSC_6077DSC_6081DSC_6084DSC_6089DSC_6094Lindy and her new get up!DSC_6095DSC_6096

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