Sunday, December 15, 2013

First Basketball Game

This week flew by.  We had something to do every night but Wednesday I think. 

I took Monday off and headed to Mooresville to Xmas shop with my mom.  We got a lot done and I felt much better at the end of the night.  It was a nasty, rainy day out but it didn’t slow us down.  I headed back and went straight to the hospital for a family advisory council meeting.  I was exhausted by the time I got home.  Shopping wears you out!

Tuesday as soon I got home, Drew walked out the door to go to Operation Christmas Child with a group from our church and help process shoeboxes.  The kids and I ate a quick dinner and headed to Will’s basketball practice.  I didn’t get to see a lot of it because I was entertaining Lindy.  She loves dribbling the ball on the sidelines.  Too bad she loses control of it and it rolls all over the place.  I stood between Lindy and the court and chased a lot of balls.  She was calling me ‘Coach’ for awhile but I told her I felt like more of a ‘Ball boy.’  She asked what it was and I explained it.  A little later the ball was rolling away and she said, “Go get it, Ball Boy!” 

Thursday night I stopped at Target on my way home to do some more shopping.  I ran in the house to pick up the kids and took them to choir practice.  They had a little holiday party with Ms. Anna which they enjoyed. 

Friday night we had a Christmas party at church for our friends from the three UMAR houses in town.  We had yummy finger foods, played the bells, saw Sister Act and Blues Brothers performances and watched our friends open the presents we bought!  I saw some very excited people and no one said ‘Yuck’ so I guess we did okay!  We helped clean up and headed home to put the kids to bed.

Saturday morning we were up early to get to Will’s very first basketball game ever.   It was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a very long time!  Will was so excited about playing a real basketball game.  Unfortunately we had to play a team I’d been watching practice who is way too good for a bunch of 5-6 year olds!  It was definitely a learning experience for our little guys who had never alternated offense/defense or run up and down the court.  They had NO clue what they were doing!  All the while the other team did know what they were doing!  Will bounced the entire time he was on the court and he said he had so much fun!  As long as he had fun, that is all that matters.  The one thing he did not like was the buzzer.  That totally took him by surprise.  After the end of the first quarter when he heard the buzzer, he started watching the clock to see when the buzzer would go off.  When there was about a minute left on the clock he would cover his ears with his hands. 

After the game we got ready and headed to Mooresville to see my parents’ house.  They moved in on Wed. the 11th!!  We were so excited to see the finished house and help them out a little bit.  We got there about lunch time and we ate lunch and got to work.  The kids stayed up in the bonus room playing with tons of toys they haven’t seen in a long time.  My parents’ house has been packed up in a storage unit for over a year!  The kids kept busy all afternoon which let us help my parents out.  Drew carried boxes to give my Dad’s back a break.  We put up their Xmas tree and got it decorated.  I helped mom organize the kitchen and then I went through boxes in my room.  We loved their house!  Despite a very trying building process with the contractors, it turned out great!  I wish I had more time to help them unpack.  It’s much more enjoyable when it’s not your house you are unpacking! 

Around 5pm Drew and I headed to Charlotte and met up with Anna for dinner and a concert.  Last April Drew and I went to Merlefest (a big four day bluegrass concert) and we heard this musician named Pokey LaFarge.  We loved him!  We got his cd’s and the whole family became big Pokey fans!  I found out they were coming to Charlotte so we got tickets and we saw them last night.   They were opening for another band so they only played an hour.  It wasn’t nearly long enough.  After they were done I headed to the bathroom and on my way back I saw Pokey!  I got to meet him and get my picture taken with him!  He is from St. Louis, MO so I told him I was from MO, too, and that I had seen him in the rain at Merlefest.  We had so much in common!  Drew couldn’t believe I’d met him!  We stayed to hear the Carolina Chocolate Drops and left around 11pm.  We headed back to Mooresville, stopped by my parents, snatched our kids from their sleeping beds and headed home.  We got home way late but it was worth it! 

Today we had church and the kids sang and rang the bells.  They also carried in presents during the Hanging of the Greens service.  They did well today.  We got home and I straightened up the house and then ran to the store.  When we got back I frosted our gingerbread house and then the kids decorated it.  Usually we do it with Mimo, Aunt Anna, Molly and Aunt Jamie but I think we were all too busy this year.  The kids had a ton of fun decorating their sides. We have a plastic house that we use year after year and so they each get to decorate two sides and one side of the roof.  Someday we’ll have to pick up another one.  I let them go to town and didn’t help at all.  Lindy decorated long after Will was done and I’m not sure there is a centimeter of open space on her sides!  She filled that sucker up!  I think she ate as much as she decorated, too.  We ate dinner and then we wrote letters to Santa.  Lindy had no clue what to ask for so I steered her towards one of her Santa gifts!  Will asked for things Santa is not getting him.  Someone else is getting him one of his things so that will help.  I kept trying to steer him towards one of his Santa gifts but he wouldn’t catch on to what I was talking about.  We can check two things off our Xmas check list!  It was a productive day!

The next week looks busy and Christmas is going to be here before we know it!  Looking forward to getting my sister and family in North Carolina next Sunday!  Last week Will said, “For Xmas I want the Beaver family to come to our house.”  We are excited to see them in NC and hopefully in WS!

They wore Xmas shirts all last week but I only got pictures of two days.  DSC_5654Year 2 of our favorite Xmas shirts! They think these are so funny!DSC_5660DSC_5665DSC_5668DSC_5694Ringing bells at church Friday night at the UMAR party.  DSC_5695Will is a serious bell ringer!DSC_5701See?  He takes his role seriously!DSC_5704DSC_5714DSC_5715Pluto brought two new Christmas movies Saturday morning.DSC_5716The players saying their basketball pledge.DSC_5719Warming up.DSC_5723Passing the ball!DSC_5726Dribbler!DSC_5727DSC_5728DSC_5731Waiting for the buzzer to ring.DSC_5733Cutest baller out there!DSC_5736Saturday night in Charlotte listening to Pokey LaFarge!IMG_3188IMG_3199Meeting Pokey!  He is a “Plain Old Midwestern Boy!”IMG_3204Christmas church outfits today!DSC_5749DSC_5757DSC_5761DSC_5771DSC_5781Singing today at church.IMG_3226IMG_3228IMG_3230IMG_3231Ringing the bells.IMG_3240The before picture of the gingerbread house.DSC_5791Working hard!DSC_5795DSC_5796DSC_5798DSC_5799Lindy’s finished product.DSC_5801Will’s finished product.DSC_5803DSC_5807DSC_5808

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