Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lindy’s Special Day

Thursday, December 19th was Lindy’s special day.  It’s the day she came home from the hospital – 6 years ago.   To this day it is still one of the best Christmas presents ever. 

Will had his day in November and she has been waiting for her day.  The day we celebrate just her – not Will. 

She woke up to a sign on her bed and a sign at her seat at the table.  She was excited but she quickly let me know that I forgot the balloons that I had blown up for Will’s day.  Oops!  She reminded me all day long!

She had a normal day at school – although I’m sure she told everyone.  Who knows if anyone knew what she was talking about!  Drew picked them up from school and took her for a special treat at a popcorn store.  She likes popcorn and she got to choose from 150 different flavors.  She chose banana popcorn.  If you know her – this will not shock you! 

It was a crazy week of Christmas activities but the stars aligned and we were actually able to celebrate on her actual special day.   She was given a few different options of activities to do and she chose bowling.  We met at the bowling alley and we bowled a game.  Every one should bowl like Lindy.  She would roll it down the alley and then leave.  She doesn’t care how many get knocked down!  She just has fun! 

I tried to get her to go out to eat but she wanted to go home and eat tacos.  We got home and the girl inhaled 2.5 chicken tacos.  She ate the same amount I did! 

I think she enjoyed her day!

Bowling!DSC_5858DSC_5859DSC_5860DSC_5861Tried making them roll the ball but neither liked it.DSC_5854DSC_5855DSC_5863DSC_5865Lindy put on a little singing performance at the alley.DSC_5869DSC_5870DSC_5872DSC_5874DSC_5878After getting a strike!DSC_5880DSC_5857

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Mimo said...

And she's the best Christmas gift that just keeps on giving. Love that girl!!!