Friday, December 27, 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday shaped up to be a super busy, but super fun day!

We started the day with church.  I had it planned for the kids to wear their Christmas outfits to church that day.  Strangely enough it was about 65F that morning and I had to dig out short sleeve shirts to wear under their Christmas outfits.  So strange!

After church we changed clothes and headed to Ed and Jamie’s for the extended Southern Family Christmas.  Lindy and Will had colds towards the end of the week so we hung out in the basement most of the time, trying not to get everyone there sick.  We had a new baby in the family this year.  I was sad I didn’t get to hold him but I didn’t want to get the baby sick.  We did manage to get a picture of all the second cousins on that side. 

The kids and I left Ed and Jamie’s and headed straight to Mooresville to my parents’ house because my sister and family were flying in.  We were so excited when they got there!  We ate dinner and then the girls (and Will) headed out on a Christmas light tour.  We headed to Zootastic to see 3.5 million Christmas lights.  It was a lot different than Tangelwood where the lights are all in displays.  This place just had tons and tons and tons of strings of lights all over the trees.  We drove through and ended up back at the main shop where you could get your picture taken with Santa.  And a Baby TIGER!!!  Of course we had to do that.  Who wouldn’t get their picture taken with a baby tiger! ha!  The kids all got up there and then they handed Santa a bottle and they plopped a real live, growling baby tiger up there.  Baby tiger really wasn’t too happy about being up there.  The bottle calmed him down enough for a picture.  They got to do a quick petting of the tiger and then they got the baby tiger down.  It was so cute!  After taking pictures with the baby tiger we headed outside to see the animals in the barn and to feed the 400 lb tigers.  We fed 400 lb tigers!  Through two fences with a long pole, but they got to feed them!  What a crazy evening! 

That’s a lot of excitement in one day!

Heading to church in Christmas outfits and short sleeves.DSC_6006DSC_6008DSC_6009DSC_6012DSC_6014DSC_6016DSC_6018Attacking Aunt Anna at the Extended Southern Family Christmas.DSC_6021DSC_6023DSC_6025DSC_6026The seven second cousins!DSC_6031My annual picture with Kelsey.  Just missing Abbey.DSC_6038At Zootastic with Santa and a baby tiger!Santa Cousins PicDSC_6041Feeding the big tigerDSC_6044Big Tiger!DSC_6045Second set feeding a different big tiger.DSC_6050

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