Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lots of Christmas Goings-On

Let’s see….we did lots of fun things this week.  First off, we finally talked to Lindy’s nephrologist about the kidney testing we had done two weeks ago.  It is official that she FINALLY outgrew her kidney reflux!  Her urine no longer flows back up in the wrong direction!!  Because she finally outgrew it, she gets to stop her daily antibiotic!  Lindy has taken an antibiotic EVERY day of her life, until this week.  For the first time ever, she is MEDICINE FREE!!  It was great news we were really excited to hear.  No more yucky cystograms or VCUG’s!  As good as that news is, there is something we have to figure out.  We found out at the appointment that her kidneys did not grow.  Because they didn’t grow, the doctor ordered blood work.  The blood work did come back showing that her bicarbonate was low.  It should be above 20 and it was at 17.  This would mean her kidneys are not getting rid of acid correctly.  But the doctor was surprised to see this.  He said people with low bicarbonate are sluggish, don’t eat well and don’t grow well.  This is the polar opposite of Lindy right now.  She is definitely not sluggish, she eats like a horse right now, and she is in a growth spurt.  He said clinically she does not appear to have low bicarbonate.  We are going to redo her blood work and see if it is low again.  If it is then she has to go on some new medicine.  I may try to take Lindy on Thursday to get blood work done again. 

As for fun activities, we had gymnastics on Tuesday and we went out to dinner with Ed, Jamie, and Molly to celebrate Jamie’s birthday.  We had fun celebrating with her and hope she had a great day. 

Wednesday we had our last music class of the year and then we went to the Pilot Mountain Christmas Lights that evening.  It’s someone’s backyard where they put 350,000 lights up and let people walk through.  We’ve been to the Pilot Mountain Lights the last three years, 2008, 2009 (but forgot the sd card for the camera), and 2010.   It’s a definite Christmas tradition for us.  We used to have to carry the kids and now they can run through.  Some years it’s been so cold and this year it was about 55F out.  This year a car had crashed as they were turning into the parking lot.  Thankfully no one was hurt but the police, ambulance, and fire trucks did add plenty more lights!  The kids had fun running from one display to the next.  I like it so much because everything is so close for Lindy to see.  They had new additions this year so it’s neat to see how it keeps growing.

Thursday morning after Will and I dropped Lindy off we went and picked our friend Claire up and brought her home with us to play for the morning.  Will had a lot of fun playing with her and didn’t want her to go home.  We took Claire home and picked Lindy up and did a parent session with her teacher.  We got home and ate lunch and soon afterwards Mimo and Aunt Anna arrived.  Soon after that Jamie and Molly arrived for an afternoon of gingerbread house making.  We didn’t actually use gingerbread, instead we used these cool reusable houses Mimo bought us.  It’s a plastic house you decorate and then clean off when you’re done.  You can decorate houses all year round if you want.  This was the first house the kids and I have ever decorated.  I iced it for them and we let them each do two sides of the house.  Lindy just threw candy on it but Will as a little more methodical.  Jamie and Molly made a really nice looking house.  The kids had fun, even if we had to stop Lindy from eating all the candy!

Lindy woke up Thursday morning after a kind of long night.  She went to bed Wednesday night and woke up a few times saying her tongue hurt.  I had NO clue what she was talking about.  We finally put her in our bed but she still didn’t sleep great.  She seemed to get a little congested throughout the night.  I finally figured it out that she probably meant her throat hurt. She seemed to act okay Thursday morning so I took her to school.  When I picked her up from school she did seem like she didn’t feel great.  Her teachers said she had been okay, just sneezing a lot.  They had gone outside to play and it must have worn her out.  She did end up having a low-grade fever in the afternoon and evening so she actually stayed home sick from school on Friday.  It was the first time this whole school year either one of them has missed a day from being sick.  Pretty good to make it to the middle of December.   She actually acted pretty good on Friday.  Her fever was pretty much gone.  She just took it easy all day and she definitely felt better. 

I’m going to do a couple separate posts on the weekend but of course Will and I have gotten her cold.  My throat started getting a little sore on last night and the faucet called Will’s nose started running this morning.  This evening he had a low-grade fever and acted like he didn’t feel great.  I hope he feels a ton better in the morning because I don’t want him to miss his Christmas party at school tomorrow.  I hope for a good night with him!

Hanging more ornaments on their tree.DSC_5523DSC_5524DSC_5530Does this girl look sluggish to you?????DSC_5532DSC_5533DSC_5541DSC_5548DSC_5550DSC_5555For old times’ sake – a sideways picture!DSC_5560Pilot Mountain Christmas Extravaganza DSC_5582DSC_5587DSC_5588DSC_5590We thought this looked like our old church!DSC_5592They stopped to listen to Frosty and then…DSC_5594busted a move to his singing!DSC_5595DSC_5597DSC_5599The tunnels into the backyard!DSC_5600DSC_5609DSC_5610DSC_5618DSC_5621DSC_5622DSC_5635Our little elf!DSC_5644The decorating of the gingerbread house.  DSC_5647DSC_5650DSC_5652DSC_5655DSC_5672Will’s side.DSC_5674Lindy’s side.DSC_5676DSC_5678DSC_5684DSC_5695The gingerbread crew.DSC_5697

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