Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Decoration Tour

Here is a little tour of our Christmas decorations at our house.

Starting outside the front door:DSC_5579

Inside the door we have five Christmas trees.  We had five last year as well but the one in our living room is a new tree we got this year. 

Our new tree in the living room which has all mine and Drew’s ornaments on it. 



The kids’ tree in the dining room.  It has all the ornaments that have been given to Lindy and Will and ornaments that they have made. 


The trees in the kids’ bedrooms.DSC_5569

And finally, Adam’s tree.  It has gained a few more ornaments this year as well.DSC_5138DSC_5139

This year I had some new things to add to our decorations.  Throughout this year I got Christmas decorations from my grandparents and a new decoration from Drew’s grandmother.  All of our grandparents are now gone, so these decorations have become very special.

My grandparents (my dad’s parents) have been gone a couple years now but I just got my box of things from their house.  I was so excited to see the tree skirt that is around Adam’s tree.  My grandmother made this tree skirt and it always used to be on the bottom of the ‘grandkid Christmas tree.’  Every year my grandparents  had a little tree at the top of the stairs that the grandkids got to decorate.  This was the tree skirt on that tree.  I also have ornaments from that tree as well.  DSC_5140

Another special decoration from my grandparents is my stocking.  My grandmother made four stockings and each year the grandkids had a drawing to see which stocking they got that year.  We never had just one stocking.   When the four grandkids split up the stockings we did another drawing to see who got which stocking.  I got this Santa stocking.DSC_5572

This year I also got a neat little Christmas tree from Drew’s grandmother, Nanny, who passed away a little over a year ago.  Drew said he remembers this tree in Nanny’s house.  It’s a great addition to our decorations.  DSC_5577DSC_5576

As for decorations from our other grandparents, I do have a bell from Drew’s other grandparents, Mimi and Pappy.  Drew’s mom claims that Mimi did not make it, but I did get it from her house so it was technically part of her decorations.  And I like it. So we call it Mimi’s bell.DSC_5566

As for my last grandparents (my mom’s parents), I don’t have anything.  My grandfather passed away way before I was ever born so I didn’t know him.  My grandmother, who we called Grammer, passed away when I was a freshman in college.  At the time I never really thought about getting any Christmas decorations from her house.  My grandmother was kind of funny about decorations anyway.  She had a little table top Christmas tree that she kept in the attic, with a trash bag on it.  She’d get it down, take the trash bag off of it and she had her decorated tree.  After Christmas she’d put a trash bag back on it and put it back away!  My mom only has one small snowman decoration from her mom.  I have already told her I want it someday – when she is no longer needing it.  ha!  My mom did tell me that my grandmother always had mistletoe hanging up in the doorway from the kitchen to the living room so I think I’ll pick some up and it will be in her honor!

And that, my friends, finishes our tour of Christmas decorations.  I have lots more decorations but I’m not going to bore you with pictures of all of them. 

But I will leave you with a rather random decoration that was also in the box from my grandparents’ house.  DSC_5573

Merry Christmas!

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