Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas with GrandBob and Suzette

We headed to Charlotte Saturday morning for our first Christmas of the season.  We had a yummy lunch and then got to dig into presents.  The kids scored some fun presents from GrandBob and Suzette.  GrandBob bought these kind of random little suitcases and the kids loved them!  Who knew they’d be the big gift!  They played and played with them, pretending to go on trips with them.  At one point Lindy asked for the car keys so she could be on her way.  Too funny.  Lindy passed out as soon as we got in the car to head home.  That always signifies a good time!

The kids are old enough to hand out all the gifts!DSC_5705DSC_5706Let the opening of presents commence!DSC_5709Drums!DSC_5712DSC_5717A pirate ship!DSC_5719The suitcases!DSC_5723DSC_5724Ed and JamieDSC_5727Anna and BrianDSC_5728DSC_5732DSC_5742I wrapped a fruitcake in four different boxes and made Bob work for it.  I try my hardest to irritate him!DSC_5743DSC_5747DSC_5759DSC_5760DSC_5766Cool and the Gang.  (I’m cool and this is my gang.  ha!)DSC_5769DSC_5770Wouldn’t be a get together without some wrestling.  When will they ever grow up?DSC_5775

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