Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Busy December Week

Seems like the weeks get busier and busier.  But they have also been fun and more fun, so it’s all good!

We started off last Monday with school and PT for Lindy.  In November, Jill was not pleased to see that Lindy seemed to be toe walking more than in the past.  She sent us home with instructions to do a lot of ‘duck walking’ and let Lindy walk in our shoes (makes her get her toes up off the ground so she doesn’t trip on our long shoes).  We went back and Jill said Lindy looked better but she was still doing it – mostly on the left foot.  She checked her all out and Lindy still has really good range of motion – it’s not just a stretching problem – but she has a catch in her left ankle stopping her from getting good heel contact.  She mentioned that it could be a growth spurt – which can make a kid look tighter than they really are.  I forgot to write this in my post last week, but they weighed and measured Lindy at her kidney appointments last week and this confirmed she is in a growth spurt.  She was 35.5 inches and 28.4 lbs on  August 1st and on December 1st she was 36.75 inches and 30.25 pounds.  So while we are happy she is growing (and this explains why she has been eating so incredibly well the last few months!), it is also making her ankles tighter.  Jill found an old brace – a tall one – and we tried it on her left foot and Lindy did walk better in it.  We were sent home with the brace, with instructions to wear it in the afternoons at home and to continue the duck walking and we are going back the week before Christmas to check her again.  If we want to order new braces or anything we want to do it before the end of the year (the whole insurance deductible thing).  So we’ll see what Jill says on the 22nd.  I’d hate to see another tall brace but we’ll do what we have to do.

Tuesday we had gymnastics and for once, Lindy did really well.  She listened in circle time and only picked up her square one time.  And she only did that because she saw the little girl next to her do it.  Between the time I picked her up from school and the time class started I told her 13,098 times not to pick up her square!  They had all kinds of Christmas decorations out which all the kids loved.  Wednesday we had music class, which was a normal class. 

Thursday we met up with Mike and Janice at the ‘ice cream shop’ for a Christmas dinner with them.   The kids (well we do too! ) always enjoy their dinner dates with Mike and Janice.  After dinner Janice came back to our house and watched the kids for us while Drew and I went and got some culture.   We went to the theatre to see Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol at the High Point Theatre.   It was so good.  I’ve obviously heard of Scrooge and Bah humbug before but I’d never read the book or seen the play.  Now it all makes sense.  We thoroughly enjoyed our night out at the theatre!

Friday morning Lindy had a Christmas party with all of the hearing impaired students in our county.  We let her skip her other school so she could go with her friends to the party.  They had crafts and Santa and then each class (preschool all the way through high school) performed a little skit or song.  There were only 5 out of 9 kids in Lindy’s class there and Lindy and one other girl were the only ones doing the hand movements.  I couldn’t tell whether she was singing or not.  We were proud of her because her teacher said Lindy has only practiced a couple times with them.  She did great and she looked super cute!!

Friday night we had a fun Christmas party at church with our friends from the UMAR houses in town.  These are adults with developmental disabilities who live in these group homes.  We have two houses of women and one house of men in town.  Our church has become fairly active with them and it’s been a wonderful thing.  Friday night we got to eat, sing, play bells, and give all 18 UMAR residents a Christmas gift.   I think they had fun and I know that we all had fun.  They love seeing the kids and they love Drew.  If Drew ever needs an ego boast, he just needs to hang out with the ladies.  They think the sun rises and sets on him.  His head is always a little bit bigger after he hangs out with them!

Friday night we pulled out our ‘cool parents’ card and we decided to do a little Christmas camping in the den/playroom.  We blew up the air mattress for the kids and we pulled the bed out of the couch (which blew their little minds to see the couch turn into a bed!) and we all slept downstairs.  We all slept by the light of the Christmas tree.  The kids thought it was just the neatest thing to sleep downstairs!  I think it might be a tradition we’ve started and will do each year at Christmas time.

Saturday we had another birthday party to go to, this one for a little boy from Lindy’s class.  His mom was so nice and said that Will was invited as well.  His party was at the Children’s Museum which was a big hit with the kids.  All 25 of them at the party!  They got to play in the museum, eat pizza and cake, make a fireman hat, and then go out and see a real fire truck.  Will and Lindy were sad when the party was over and the museum was closing up.    The other fun thing we did on Saturday was go to the car wash.  Lindy slept through the entire thing but Will thought it was the coolest thing ever.  When he was little he cried when going through car washes, but it’s now become a fun thing for him. 

My little man has had an upset tummy this week.  He acts fine and has basically eaten fine but something is upsetting his innards.  When he tells me he needs to go, we hurry quick-like to the potty.  I don’t know what it is but I hope it hurries up and moves on quick. 

That wraps up our week.  Tonight we have our Christmas musical program at church and we have more fun planned for this upcoming week!  The house is completely decorated and the shopping is 90% done so we can just have fun the next couple weeks doing all kinds of Christmas things!


Christmas shirts.  These are from last year but they still fit.DSC_5322Isn’t my girl beautiful in her Christmas dress?DSC_5330Making a wreath at her Christmas party.DSC_5338Lindy with her teachers, Ms. Mary and Ms. Asbury.DSC_5346Talking with Santa again!DSC_5349Performing on stage at the Christmas party.DSC_5371DSC_5374Gloves have been a big hit this week!DSC_5381DSC_5382Will did great ringing the bells at church Friday night.  It’s these cool bells that are all color coded and someone stands in front and holds cards up.  If your bell color is on the card you ring your bell.  Will did it perfectly by himself!DSC_5399Lindy couldn’t see the cards so she rang hers when she saw us ringing ours.DSC_5400I busted out footed Christmas pjs and you would have thought it was Christmas morning.  They were so excited.  Will thanked God for his cool Christmas pjs in bedtime prayers last night! ha!  DSC_5426Christmas camping in the den/playroom.  DSC_5432Sleeping babies are the sweetest things ever!DSC_5439Playing at the Children’s Museum on Saturday.DSC_5447DSC_5449DSC_5454DSC_5458They made a fire hat but Lindy put a new spin on hers.  She reminded me of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. DSC_5465See?fresh princeDSC_5468Amazed in the car wash!DSC_5478Sweet Christmas outfits for church today.DSC_5484DSC_5486DSC_5490They are the most beautiful kids ever.  Don’t you think?DSC_5494DSC_5507Self portraits with the kids!DSC_5515DSC_5518

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