Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve night ended up being a doozy.  During Christmas Eve at Lynn’s house, Lindy started up with a hacking cough again.  She started acting like she was getting the second round of the cold she had a week or two ago.  We put them to bed but she just hacked and hacked so we ended up with her in our bed. 

We had to wake the kids up at 7:30am on Christmas Day!  Will told us that Santa had not come because he had not heard reindeer hooves or Santa saying “Ho Ho Ho.”  He was pleasantly surprised to find that Santa had come!

Santa brought the kids a mini-trampoline (good PT for Lindy!  Great idea Santa!), kid-sized snow shovels, a fire station Lego set for Will and a Dora pirate toy for Lindy.  And of course stockings full of goodies. 

After looking at Santa presents and stockings we had our cinnamon and orange roll breakfast.  Then we resumed presents from us and to each other.  We got the kids some books, a shirt, a new water bottle, some house slippers and wagons to attach to their cars outside.  The kids really enjoyed exchanging presents with each other.  They both liked the DVD’s that they picked out for each other. 

Since Christmas was on a Sunday, we were all supposed to head to church.  Lindy coughed all night long and all morning long.  We felt it was best not to take her to church.  I didn’t want anyone else to get sick and she would have been very disruptive coughing so much!  Drew headed off to church and I was able get everything picked up and get the car loaded.

We left for Ohio around 1:30pm and got there around 9:30pm.  We had to stop 20 minutes into our trip for Lou to go poop.  That should have tipped us off.  She ended up having diarrhea and we ended up having to stop a bunch of times.  She did SO well holding it (most of the time – there were two small accidents) until we could get off the interstate and into a bathroom.  There were two very well timed rest stops in Ohio that were lifesavers.  Whew – it was a rough day for the girl with the coughing and runny poops but we made it safely to Ohio.  Boy we were glad to pull in my parents driveway.  I’m sure everyone at my parents’ house was not glad to see us pull in the driveway with everyone with a cold of some sort and one with diarrhea! 

Santa’s PresentsDSC_6230DSC_6231DSC_6232DSC_6234Santa even left Jack some treats and a new toy!DSC_6236DSC_6235Waking up the sleepyheads!DSC_6239Pretending she slept in her bed all night! DSC_6240Waiting patiently on the steps for pictures!DSC_6245Will’s first glimpse that Santa had really come!DSC_6247DSC_6250DSC_6253DSC_6259”Swiper, no swiping!”  The sly fox on Dora swipes a lot of things at our house, according to Lindy.  She loves Swiper!DSC_6262Pint-sized snow shovels.  Because we have these, it means it will not snow in NC this winter!DSC_6263Lindy opening Will’s gift.DSC_6278Will opening Lindy’s gift.DSC_6282Will with his present that he made us at school.DSC_6288Lindy and the present she made us at school.DSC_6292DSC_6294DSC_6301DSC_6306Getting every last present under the tree!DSC_6310New wagons for theirs cars outside.DSC_6315DSC_6319When we got to my parents’ house the kids found Santa had filled more stocking for them in Ohio.DSC_6323DSC_6326

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