Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Week Before Christmas

After our fun filled Monday, Lindy had her last day of school on Tuesday.  She had another party at school for Christmas and two kids’ birthdays.  Tuesday evening Drew and I went out to eat with a few other couples, and Jennifer, a girl from our old church, watched the kids for us.  Between the fact that Lindy has always done well with Jennifer and us prepping her all afternoon that we were leaving and telling her that Miss Jennifer would change her pjs and put her to bed, she didn’t throw up!  Yay! 

Wednesday Lindy and I got up and headed out for the morning.  She got a haircut and then we went Christmas shopping so Lindy could pick something out for Will.  That has been a fun thing this year and surprisingly they have not told each other what they got each other!  We ended up spending all morning out because it was rather busy out at the few stores we went to.   Wednesday afternoon Drew and I turned our kitchen into a bakery.  We made 11 loaves of cinnamon pull apart bread for Christmas presents.  We had quite the assembly line going!  Right as the last loaf came out, Uncle Ed, Aunt Jamie and Molly and GrandBob arrived at our house.  We had dinner and then we headed to a Wake Forest basketball game.  The Deacs were playing UNCW – my alma mater!  We got to the game and met up with Anna and Brian who had also driven up.  It was slightly strange to not be cheering for Wake!  We used to have season tickets and of course we always pulled for Wake.  But I would have loved to have seen my Seahawks win!  And they tried hard and gave the Deacs a good game.  Really I was happy with whichever team won.  GrandBob spent the night with us that night because he was headed to West Virginia to pick up Suzette’s mom the next morning.

Thursday morning the kids and I made Christmas cookies.  I got the dough all ready but they helped cut the shapes out and then covered decorated the cookies with colored sugars and little chips and colored balls.  Will went especially heavy on the little chips this year and Lindy went heavy on, well, everything!  They each made a pan and then I kicked them out of the kitchen while I finished the rest.

Thursday afternoon Lindy had physical therapy with Jill.  She says the catch in Lindy’s left ankle is getting worse.  It is most likely due to the growth spurt.  We worked hard on getting her toes up and then stepping up and down on mats without holding onto anything.  She had to step between two mats without falling in the hole.  She actually did really well with both of those.  Jill actually wants us to go back to every other week now because of her left ankle.  She is going to watch her but she mentioned possibly doing some serial casting with her.  It’s a cast they put on that Jill said could possibly ‘reset’ the position of her catch.  Anyway, we’ll see what the new year brings.  So glad she is growing but I hate that it is causing problems!

Thursday evening we had our neighbors over for supper for a holiday celebration. They are Jewish so they brought the Menorah and lit candles and admired all of our Christmas decorations!  They brought the brisket and potato latkes and we did salad and dessert.  It was a fun evening and the kids had fun playing with Elia and Benjamin.

Friday morning we did some more baking (I’m baked out) and last night we had our Christmas Communion Service at church.  Ed, Jamie, Corbyn, and Molly joined us and we enjoyed all the music and communion.

It was a busy, busy, busy week but it was full of a lot of fun things.  We just aren’t used to socializing so much, so it wore us out!  And the baking.  It wore me out!

My beautiful girl!DSC_5983Christmas headbands!DSC_5991DSC_5992She puts a new spin on the word ‘headband’DSC_5993Wake Forest vs UNCW basketball game!DSC_5995DSC_5997The kids wore their Wake stuff but I wore my UNCW sweatshirt!DSC_6001Aunt Anna and Brian!DSC_6003Making cookies in our matching Wake aprons!DSC_6006DSC_6008DSC_6012DSC_6032DSC_6041Can you see the flour all over her face?  DSC_6043Let the decorating begin.DSC_6046DSC_6048DSC_6053DSC_6054DSC_6072DSC_6073DSC_6077You can’t even see the cookie under there.  DSC_6078DSC_6080Tasting the final product!DSC_6083Turns out Will didn’t like all the mini chips and we had to take them off.  DSC_6085She had her bags all packed and was ready to go see Santa Claus!DSC_6095Will’s new hiding place this week.DSC_6098

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