Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve and Mimo’s Birthday

Today we went down to Waxhaw to have Christmas and birthday celebrations with Mimo, Ed, Jamie, Corbyn, Molly, Anna, and Brian.  Today, the 24th, is Mimo’s 37th birthday!! 

We had a tasty brunch and then Mimo opened her birthday presents.  After that we moved onto Christmas presents.  The kids got some new fun toys they were excited about.  Will got a cool doggie guitar that he played all afternoon.  He also got some new cd’s and some new Legos.  Lindy got some cute new leotards for gymnastics, some pirate magnet toys, and a new doggy that is supposed to act like a real one.  Unfortunately, it needs new batteries so we’re not sure exactly what it does yet.  Lindy is suddenly all about dogs.  She used to not like them but now she loves them! 

After the celebrations were over we headed out to meet a friend of Drew’s for dinner.  Jay is of the nomadic type.  He moves all over the world.  Since we saw him 3 years ago he has lived in Mexico, the Philippines, Australia, and now he is in South Korea.  We met his fiance Lizzy and got to see his mom, too.  It’s always nice to visit with him when he is back for the Christmas holidays.

Most of the gang at lunch.DSC_6099Who gave the crazy lady a staple gun??!!DSC_6102DSC_6110DSC_6112DSC_6113Cookie, the pup!DSC_6116Will and his doggy guitar!DSC_6119LOVE this shirt!!!  So true!  Says, “And though she be but little, she is fierce!”  So perfect for her!DSC_6132Aunt Anna made the kids a new bulletin board for their room!DSC_6144Mimo is going to try out the eggies and let us know if they work!DSC_6155DSC_6161So maybe Jamie and I bought each other the same snowman?  So what!  We both liked them!DSC_6163So what if I bought one for Mimo, too!DSC_6164DSC_6166DSC_6169Lindy lifted Molly’s Hello Kitty sweatshirt!DSC_6179DSC_6182Ed’s normal look!DSC_6185DSC_6193Lindy’s new hat.  She kept pulling it down and saying, “Mimo, I can’t see you!”  She’s a nut!DSC_6195See?  She LOVES Pooka now!DSC_6198DSC_6199At dinner tonight with Jay and Lizzy.DSC_6201Jay and Lizzy.  DSC_6202

Both kids fell asleep on the way home but we woke them up so we could put out reindeer food and cookies and milk for Santa.  Tonight was about the cutest I’ve ever seen the kids.  They were so excited.  Will wanted to go to bed so fast so Santa could come!  He was whispering, but I’m not sure why!  He was going to listen for reindeer hooves and Santa’s Ho Ho Ho.  They were so cute! 

Unfortunately, Lindy was coughing badly the whole trip home and is upstairs coughing up a lung right now.  Hope we get some sleep tonight!  She always has trouble getting over a cough but tonight it seems to have gotten worse.   Hmmmm…

One tired boy!DSC_6205Putting reindeer food out in the front yard.DSC_6209DSC_6210DSC_6211Putting cookies by the fireplace for Santa.DSC_6214DSC_6216Here comes the milk!DSC_6218DSC_6219DSC_6223The kids and I each had on white undershirts and red shirts on top today.  Totally not planned, just how it worked out!DSC_6226The kids also ate the last piece of chocolate in their charts!  Then we brushed teeth and went to bed!DSC_6228DSC_6229

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