Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Play and Southern Family Christmas

This morning the kids were in their first ever Christmas play at church.  Will was the cutest cow ever and Lindy was the cutest sheep ever.  They both did exactly as they were supposed to which made us proud parents of a cow and a sheep!

DSC_5793Mimo made Lindy more hair clips!DSC_5797DSC_5798DSC_5808DSC_5810DSC_5814DSC_5823DSC_5824DSC_5827DSC_5828DSC_5839DSC_5840DSC_5842

Right after church we headed to Aunt Joan’s house for the Southern Family Christmas.  We had another yummy lunch and then the kids  got to open more presents.  Then the adults had a dirty santa game with “As Seen On TV” gifts.   I enjoyed the game because I brought home a ShamWow.  I’ve always wanted a ShamWow!  I’m not sure Drew was very happy with his Breast Lift Pads but it was fun!  The Southern Family tradition is to play a big game of kickball each time we get together.  Even though my team lost, it was still fun.  A  few people who always sit on the sidelines decided to join in this year which was fun.  It’s fun getting together with family!

Lindy and Abbey – Lindy was totally using her for her phone.DSC_5843DSC_5844DSC_5845DSC_5852DSC_5853Bob was excited about his back scratcher.  Because you know old people can’t reach that far.DSC_5854Our team.DSC_5864The opposition.DSC_5868Joan’s first year in the game.  She was on fire!DSC_5880”We want a pitcher, not a belly itcherDSC_5900DSC_5904Look at that form.  Not bad for an old guy!DSC_5905Kelsey and Abbey - Two of my favorite girls ever!  Even if Abbey is a dork!DSC_5911DSC_5914

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