Sunday, December 19, 2010

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Aaaaaahhhh, less than a week until Christmas!  99.5% of the presents are bought, but nothing is wrapped.  I don’t think wrapped presents under our tree would last very long though. 

Oh, I’m so tired I don’t remember what went on this week.  Thankfully I have a calendar that I write everything down on.  I do remember it was COLD.  I thought I lived in North Carolina.  This week felt like I was back living in Vermont.  The mornings in the teens with serious wind chills have been horrible!

I ended up taking Lindy to the doctor on Tuesday, just to check on her cold and cough.  We all got the same cold but Lindy gets the worst cough out of all of us and it hangs on longer than any of ours.   The doctor said she was fine.  It’s all drainage up in her nose and throat, nothing has moved anywhere.  Her nose doesn’t run like ours so I guess she has to cough to move that drainage.  I hate that it gets worse anytime she is trying to go to sleep. 

Tuesday night the United Methodist Women had a Christmas party for the UMAR ladies, women with developmental delays that live together in two group homes in town.  They talked and told us about living in a group home.  Then we played the bells.  They were so neat.  There were all these color coded bells and one person stood up front and held these cards.  If your color bell was on the card you rang your bell.  You didn't need to know how to read music.  It was a lot of fun.  Will was doing it by himself.  He knew when his color came up and would ring the bell.  So cool!  Lindy couldn't see the card and didn't want us helping her.   I would tell her when to ring it.  Then we ate and came home. The kids were not in bed until 9:10pm but they went to sleep fast.

When Lindy and I got home from the doctor I sat her down in the hallway and she said her leg hurt.  She wanted me to hold her but I couldn't so she sat in her chair.  After lunch she was fine.  After she got up from her nap she was fine.  Later in the day before we left for church she was not fine.  Pitching fits and saying her leg hurt.  I have no clue what she did.  She wouldn't walk on it at the church.  She did end with a pretty big bruise on her knee the next day.  I really wonder how it happened.  She woke up fine Wednesday morning so that was good.

Thursday was supposed to be Will’s last day of school and his Christmas party.  But Wednesday at 9:40pm we got a call that school was cancelled.  They were calling for a snow/sleet/freezing rain mixture to come in in the early morning.  Alarm off – we got to sleep in.  And sleep in we did.  Drew and I woke up at 8am to ice on the roads and children that were still sleeping.  Yahoo!!  We woke them up because we wanted them to sleep later on that day.  We actually had a good day.  We played Christmas bingo and made reindeer cookies.  We had a fun day.  Unfortunately Will’s party was cancelled and he missed his last day before Christmas break.  I knew his teacher had gifts for us so I was sad we weren’t going to get them.  (His teacher did end up calling and I’m meeting her tomorrow to get them).

Thursday evening, we had dinner with Mike and Janice at the ‘ice cream shop.’  We didn’t let a little winter weather get in our way.  The kids got their first Christmas presents of the season and were excited about them.   Will has been sleeping with his new Rudolph stuffed animal and is so cute!

Friday Lindy did have school, but there was a 2 hour delay.  She went in for 1.5 hours.  There ended up only being 2 kids there, Lindy and Wyatt.  They had someone from a local rotary club come in and do a craft and game with them and then they ate treats.  She got more Christmas presents which she was excited about.

Friday afternoon Lindy had an opthalmology appointment with Dr. Weaver.  He dilated her eyes to check her prescription.  Her glasses were currently at –12 and –21.50.  He is changing her prescription so now both are –21.  I asked if her eye got that much worse and he said no.  He said her eye was moving all around and the only truly accurate way to get her prescription would be to put her out in the operating room.  No thank you.  But I am nervous about such a big jump.  I guess we’ll see.  I think Lindy has finally come to the point where she may can handle some ‘real’ glasses.  We are going to look around see to what we can find.  She’ll look so different without her little pink glasses! 

Friday night we took the kids to see Christmas lights.  Will is really into Christmas lights this year.  He yells, “There’s Christmas lights” EVERY time we see some!  He is so excited.  We headed back to A Pilot Mountain Christmas for the third year.  We took the kids in 2008 and 2009 (but I forgot my SD card for my camera).  This was definitely the best year so far since they were excited about the lights.  It was crazy foggy outside and the fog kept showing up in my pictures.  We first walked in and Will said, ‘Oh my!”   This is the first year Lindy could really walk well enough to walk the whole thing too.   It was a fun family, Christmas evening!

Trying to stay warm!DSC_4438Sweet girl!DSC_4440DSC_4444Will ringing the bells Tuesday night.  232323232fp6339__nu=3258_7_7_938_WSNRCG=3576_348_332;nu0mrjBig shoes to fill!DSC_4487“Put your hands down please.”  yeah right mama.DSC_4489My little helper and my elf.DSC_4496Making reindeer cookies with the kids.DSC_4501DSC_4502DSC_4507Checking out the fire Thursday night.DSC_4516I love this picture of the kids and Mike and Janice.  They are all so happy!DSC_4519Pilot Mountain Christmas lights!DSC_4532DSC_4534DSC_4538DSC_4541Look at the fog in the pictures!DSC_4545DSC_4546DSC_4548DSC_4553DSC_4554DSC_4555DSC_4557DSC_4560DSC_4559DSC_4562

I’m stopping this post here.  I have to write another one about the Southern Family Christmas on Saturday and Lindy’s Special Day Today – December 19th.  Lindy came home from the NICU 3 years ago today!  It’s hard to celebrate on a Sunday so we will actually be celebrating this week. 

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