Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lindy’s Special Day Observed

Sunday, December 19th marked three years since Lindy came home from the NICU.  After 143 days in three different hospitals, Duke finally discharged her to us, just in time for Christmas!  Will had been home for about 6 weeks and we were SO ready for her to come join our family.

She went from a 1 pound 9 ounce nuggetDSCN0891to about a 6 pound baby in 143 days (I can’t find the actual weight right now).DSCF2346We were so excited for her to come home!DSCF2357And get to really ‘meet’ her brother!DSCF2370

We celebrated her ‘special day’ today by going to the Children’s Museum in Greensboro.  It was really nice and the kids had a blast.  They had all kinds of really neat things to climb in and out of.  An airplane cockpit, a train, a real fire truck, a real police car, a real race car, and then just tons more to play with. DSC_4696DSC_4699DSC_4700DSC_4707DSC_4711DSC_4712The human centrifuge!DSC_4717DSC_4718DSC_4719DSC_4721DSC_4725DSC_4727DSC_4787DSC_4729Here is something I hope to never see in real life:  the kids in the back of a police car!DSC_4733DSC_4736DSC_4785DSC_4740DSC_4747DSC_4749They had a neat little room set up as a news room.  I was giving the weather forecast and Lindy was watching me on tv.  DSC_4761Will and I made quite a good pair of newscasters.  We took our jobs seriously.DSC_4767After spending a couple hours playing, we took Lindy out for some chips and a cheese quesadilla.  She almost ate the entire thing, I think she liked her lunch!DSC_4796DSC_4799

A fun day was had by all.  I don’t think Lindy really got why it was her special day but I hope she had fun. 

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Jessica said...

I didn't realize our kids came home so close to each other. Happy Coming Home day Lindy!!