Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Big Boy Bed

I know I’m about 1 - 1.5 years behind schedule on getting the kids out of cribs but I’ve just been dreading it.  Most people are forced to deal with it because their kids climb out but ours have NEVER climbed out.  Lindy fell out once a long time ago but they’ve never tried to get out.

I just didn’t know how they would do.  They chase each other around and fight and push all day now.  I was nervous they would do the same in their room when they were supposed to be sleeping.

I decided Monday was the end of the crib for Will.  I took off the front and put on the short, half rail that came with the cribs. I decided to do Will’s first and then I was going to do Lindy’s after naptime.  I had some things I really needed to get done during naptime and didn’t know if it would happen if both were free to roam. 

Will LOVED it.  He played in his bed forever.  When I was ready to go downstairs he actually stayed upstairs and played in his bed some more.  I had to carry him down the stairs myself in order to get him out of the bed.  He thought it was just the coolest thing.

Finally it was time for naptime and the real test.  We talked all about what would happen if he played around and got in and out of his bed.  One day at the end of last week they were playing instead of sleeping so I put Will in the pack-n-play in a different room and he took a nap in there.  So yesterday he knew what would happen if he played and got in and out of bed – he’d end up in the pack-n-play in another room.

But I tell ya, Will is a ROCK STAR!  He got in his bed and went to sleep.  Never got out!  He did so great!

After naptime I took Lindy’s side down and put her low rail on as well.  She wasn’t nearly as impressed with her new bed. 

Finally it was bedtime.  We talked it up with Lindy and Will and told them again what would happen.

At first Lindy did not want to even climb up in her bed.  I had to make her get up in there.  She did not want to lay down at first but finally did.  We left and stood outside the door with it cracked and watched.  She did good for about 2 minutes, until her music soother on her bed started making an awful noise.  As soon as it started she was up and out of bed and headed to the door.  Drew went in to turn it off and Lindy lost it.  She cried and tried her hardest to throw up.  She wouldn’t go anywhere near her bed.  We could not get her back in that bed.  She finally told us she wanted the side back on.  At 8:45pm I switched the sides and Lindy got her crib back.  And she went to sleep with no problems.  

At one point I asked her if she wanted to sleep in a big girl bed and she said, “No.”  Then I asked her if she wanted to sleep in a big girl bed or the pack-n-play in another room.  She said, “I want to sleep in the pack-n-play.” 

Will on the other hand, did awesome again at bedtime and went right to sleep!  Everything was great until about 11:30pm when he fell out of the bed!!  We ran in and he was sitting on the floor half asleep and crying.  He got right back up in the bed went back to sleep.  He did cry out a bunch of times though.  He has the same exact blankets but it was like he was fighting with them last night while sleeping.  When I asked him this morning if he fell out he said, “No, I have to stay in my bed.”  He didn’t even know he fell out.  He was too sleepy to remember!

I hope he continues to do as good as he has been.  He is such a good boy and has taken all the major transitions in his three years of life with such ease. 

If only his sister could take a lesson in making some of those big transitions in life………  It’s almost like she just doesn’t want to grow up!

DSC_4641DSC_4644DSC_4647Last night before bed we read our night-night books.  He normally sits in our lap as we read.  Last night he didn’t want to sit with Drew.  He wanted to sit in his bed.  DSC_4648So Drew decided he would move over to Will’s bed so he could still see the book.  Will basically told him no and that he had to go back to the changing table.DSC_4650Lindy in her big girl bed – for the 2 minutes she stayed there.  I wonder if she would have stayed if the stupid music soother hadn’t gone crazy.DSC_4651DSC_4652

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Paulette said...

Bryce has been in a big boy bed since he was around 2.5 I think. He is so funny. He will not get out of his bed himself. He calls for his mom or dad to come and get him (he still has a monitor in his room since the boys sleep upstairs). He will be 4 in April and still does not get out of his bed.

He thought it was the greatest thing when they first set his new bed up and he still does. One of his friends up the street still gets out of bed and goes to her mom and dads bed 5 or 6 times before she settles down.