Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Extended Southern Family Christmas

Saturday we had Christmas with the whole Southern side of the family.  This was the first Christmas without Nanny (who passed away a couple weeks ago) and she was definitely missed.

Nanny had three kids: Joan, Mike, and Bob.  (Bob is my father-in-law).  Joan has one daughter who is married and Mike has four kids, two of whom are married with kids.  Bob has 3 kids, two married with kids.  It’s a pretty big group of Southerns that get together!

We had lunch at Joan’s house and then the kids opened presents.  And then it was time for the Southern Family kickball game.  They have been playing Christmas (and sometimes Thanksgiving) kickball for 25 years.  It’s always a good time, even if my team lost!

DSC_4563Candace and J.J.DSC_4566DSC_4567DSC_4571DSC_4574Molly and LindyDSC_4584The kickball teams – the opponents.bob 1My team.bob 2Anna came ready to play – game face ON!DSC_4589DSC_4588DSC_4590Will wasn’t feeling great that day.  He got lots of extra cuddles from everyone.DSC_4594Adrian and baby Lucas.DSC_4602Kelsey – This girl has a hard head.  I know this because in the kickball game we banged heads at first base.  DSC_4605Abbey and Kelsey – I love these girls!  They have turned into beautiful girls who a lot of fun!  DSC_4606I still think of Abbey and Kelsey as the little girls who danced ALL night long at our wedding 8.5 years ago!Scan_Pic0019I mean they seriously danced all night!  Abbey with Ed and Kelsey with Drew.  Scan_Pic0020Scan_Pic0021Sisters – Candace, Abbey, and Kelsey – Have you ever seen 3 prettier sisters???DSC_4608The girls and their crazy father, Mike.DSC_4609Jamie and LindyDSC_4613After we got home Will laid on the couch.  He rebounded and was fine the next day.  I think it was just the first day of our THIRD cold that had him down.DSC_4618

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