Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Morning

Lindy woke up at 7:10am on Christmas morning and then we woke up Will.  He was not excited to be woken up, but did perk up a little when we asked if he thought Santa came.DSC_4953DSC_4954Growing up my parents always made us stop on the stairs and take a pictures.  With our move this summer we got steps in our house and therefore we had our first ‘stop on the stairs’ picture. Lindy was being so silly!DSC_4956DSC_4958DSC_4959Crazy lady was having a blast bumping down the stairs.DSC_4960DSC_4961The kids came down to see what Santa had left them.DSC_4943They both got a little card table and chairs.  Will got cars and trucks and a little ramp and garage toy.  Lindy got a laptop and some fake blackberries.  She’s my technologically advanced child.DSC_4950DSC_4962DSC_4964DSC_4965DSC_4966DSC_4968DSC_4969She got right to work on her laptop.DSC_4971DSC_4976Will was very excited about his stocking items!  I wish we were all so excited by socks, underwear, forks, etc.DSC_4985DSC_4988DSC_4990DSC_4994DSC_5001DSC_5011The kids played with their Santa toys while Drew and I opened our gifts.DSC_5013Strangely enough there are no pictures of me on Christmas morning.  I did get a couple gifts, just no pictures of me opening them.  Drew got some nice gifts too.  A tie from the kids and some clothes.DSC_5019Then the kids had a few boxes from us to open.DSC_5021DSC_5022DSC_5023DSC_5029

We had a nice Christmas morning.  We eventually got around and got ready and waited for more family to come over to celebrate!

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