Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tour of Christmas Trees

We really expanded in the Christmas tree department this year.  I have never had more than one Christmas tree in my house, but this year we have 5!!  Three are small ones so it’s not as bad as it sounds!

This is our main Christmas tree in our living room.DSC_4286

This is the kids new Christmas tree that we put in the dining room.  It has all the ornaments people have given them over the last three years as well as ornaments they are making at church and school.  DSC_4276

This is Lindy’s pink Christmas Tree.DSC_4293

This is Will’s blue Christmas Tree.  DSC_4292

Lindy and Will’s trees are new as well.  They have unbreakable ornaments on them!  They love going to sleep with the light from their trees. 

This is Adam’s Christmas Tree.  It has ornaments that people have given us in his memory and it has ornaments that I have bought for him.DSC_4277

Not another tree, but here are our stockings.  We have them hanging off the bannister since we don’t have a fireplace in our living room.  I love our stockings!DSC_4290

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