Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wicked Cold Week in North Carolina!

Hello Sunday evening.  I hope Jill and Thomas win the Amazing Race in a little bit because they are my team.  A handful of us in Drew’s family picked a team during the first show and my team is still left.  It really doesn’t matter if I win, I beat Bob and that is all that really matters Smile His team got kicked out awhile ago!

We have had another busy week.  Aren’t they all.  On Monday I had to bring Will with me to Lindy’s parent session.  Although I was a little worried, he did great.  He was quiet and played by himself.  Lindy did great again!  She knows the drill with her speech babble.  If she repeats the sounds she gets to put the piece in the puzzle.  Her teacher also tried a couple new things that Lindy did great on.  She completely surprised her teacher.  She had three objects out and her teacher would ask her for the red, round object.  Lindy was able to get the correct object just listening to descriptive words.  We did the same with their Christmas vocabulary and she rocked that too!  

Monday evening was Drew’s grandmother’s visitation at the funeral home.  We took the kids for the first hour and then I took them home.  As usual, Lindy worked her way around the room greeting everyone.  Will stuck to those he knew.

Tuesday was Drew’s grandmother’s funeral at 12pm.  I took Lindy to school but picked her up at 10am.  Will got to skip school on Tuesday.  Janice came and watched the kids for us which we really appreciated.  She stayed all afternoon so we could go eat with the family after the services.  I know the kids enjoyed seeing her.  It had been awhile since she’d watched the kids. 

The kids and I were on our own from Wednesday through Friday this week as Drew headed to the beach for a couple days with some divinity school friends.  I actually preferred him being gone during the week because it made the time go by faster.  We were busy with school and music class so the days went by fast.  He was home before I knew it. 

Thursday after I picked up Lindy we headed to Will’s school and Will’s teacher did two art projects with Lindy.  She had told me last week that they were making something and she thought it would be nice if I had two of them, one for each of them.  I appreciated that more than she’ll ever know.  They both do their own projects but things like Christmas ornaments they are making it would be nice to have one for each of them.   I though it was so sweet of his teacher. 

Yesterday I was able to get out and do some final Christmas shopping with my BFF.  We checked out the new outlet mall and had a good time. 

Today we took a little trip to the past for another funeral.  We headed to Lincolnton where Drew worked for two years as an associate pastor, right out of divinity school.  He was there for one year while we were engaged and then when we got married we spent our first year of marriage there.  While he was at First UMC, there was a pastor of visitation who was in his early 80’s.  He is one of the great people we know.  His wife of 67 years passed away on Friday and we went to her funeral today.  Mimo was a HUGE help as she drove up from Charlotte and watched the kids for us while we were at the funeral.  They ended up playing in the nursery and having a blast.  It was a beautiful service and nice to see some old friends.  We drove by our old houses and took pictures and ate dinner out with Mimo.  We even stopped by and saw our old speech therapist, Lawson.  She moved to Lincolnton right after the kids turned 3 and we were kicked out of the early intervention program.  It was fun to at least stop by and say hi for a minute.  Thanks Mimo for giving up a Sunday afternoon to help us out. 

One more week of school until the kids are out for Christmas break!  Gotta finish up those teacher gifts!

DSC_4345DSC_4348Lindy has been in a huggy mood this week.DSC_4349Will was pouting about something but I can’t remember what.DSC_4350DSC_4351All better!DSC_4353Lindy was being silly and wouldn’t look at me.DSC_4356DSC_4357Got ya!DSC_4359DSC_4360DSC_4373DSC_4377They were having a blast riding their horses last night!DSC_4382DSC_4383DSC_4384And finally, more Christmas outfits for church today.  Which are outfits from last year actually.  Yeah, so our kids grow REALLY slow!DSC_4395DSC_4403DSC_4406DSC_4411DSC_4412The first house Drew lived in in Lincolnton.  We were engaged but I was living in Raleigh and he was living and working in Lincolnton.DSC_4420This is the first house we lived in as a married couple!  We spent a year in this house.  It was blue when we lived there though.DSC_4418

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