Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Afternoon

Around 11:30am the doorbell rang and GrandBob and Aunt Anna were at our house to celebrate.   Uncle Ed and Aunt Jamie quickly followed.  We missed Suzette, Molly and Corbyn who could not be there to celebrate.  Suzette came down with a bad cold on Christmas Eve and Molly and Corbyn were celebrating with their mom.  We still had a very merry afternoon with the company we had. 

DSC_5040DSC_5044DSC_5048GrandBob and Suzette bought the kids a keyboard because GrandBob thought it would drive me nuts.  It didn’t work though.  The sounds they make are music to my ears and wow do they love the keyboard!  DSC_5053DSC_5057We got GrandBob an adult bib too!  As a joke.  Never thinking he’d actually wear it, I got him one with cats.  He hates cats.  But he says he loves it and it going to wear it!  ha ha.DSC_5064Can you figure out what gift Jamie and Ed gave Bob and Drew?DSC_5073DSC_5074They gave them gift certificates to go skeet shooting!

It wouldn’t be a Southern get-together if the Southern kids didn’t wrassle at some point.DSC_5085DSC_5087Hey, a picture of me.  I was around on Christmas day!DSC_5092DSC_5094Will made us a handprint Christmas tree at school for Christmas.  We love our tree!DSC_5105Lindy got to make a handprint tree for us too.  Will’s teacher is so very sweet.  She asked if I would bring Lindy in early one day and she would do something with her so that I would have one from each of the kids.  I just think that is the sweetest thing ever.  DSC_5110Lindy trying on Aunt Jamie’s coat!DSC_5111After everyone left the kids took a nap and then came down to continue playing with their new toys.  Lindy sat at the table with her laptop, blackberry, and camera for so long.  It’s the longest I’ve seen her play with a toy in a really long time.  DSC_5116They were having fun moving the chairs into all different kinds of configurations.DSC_5117Will really likes his music player.DSC_5118DSC_5120Checking out her pictures.DSC_5121

Around noon on Christmas Day it started snowing and it snowed ALL day long.  When we went to bed at 10:30pm it was still snowing.  It snowed all night and we woke up to 4-5 inches of snow.  Most any day of the year I’d think it was really pretty and we’d go play in it – but we were to leave for Ohio after church on the 26th.  I was getting pretty nervous watching the weather forecasts for Virginia and the West Virginia mountains. 

We woke up on the 26th and church was cancelled, since North Carolinians don’t travel well in the snow.  We checked the forecasts and the departments of transportation and we set out for Ohio around 10am.  I’m so glad we didn’t stay home.  The roads were clear the entire way to Ohio.  We had absolutely no problems at all and we got to my parents at 6pm. 

And we’ve been having fun with my parents and sister and family ever since.

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I have already used my bib twice and it saved another shirt!!!