Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is in the Air!

This week it has really felt like Christmas. Christmas lights, Christmas cantatas, caroling, Christmas party, and shopping have really put me in the Christmas mood.

Last Saturday night we went to look at Christmas lights. We went to saw the lights on Bradley Rd in Pinnacle and then we went to Pilot Mountain to see some other lights I read about on the internet. They turned out to be really neat. The people in Pilot Mountain decorate 2 acres of their property and let people park, get out, and walk through their yard looking at their displays. I don’t know why you would want people in your yard every night for over a month, but I’m glad they do. I gave the babies a little Christmas treat on the way – candy canes! Will loved it and cried when I took it away. As with everything else in the world, Lindy bit it instead of sucking on it. I was hoping she would like the taste and it would be good practice for sucking on the straw. Oh well.

A candy cane on the ride.

Sunday night we had our Christmas cantata at church. It was really nice, even with Drew singing in it! ha ha. The babies were up past their bedtime but they did well during the cantata. Thanks Nancy for helping me with the babies. Will got a little antsy but was overall pretty quiet. Will didn’t sleep well that night but we aren’t sure why. He and I ended up on the couch the entire night. Sleeping with him is an adventure because he is all over the place.

Monday Lindy had her monthly physical therapy appointment. Heather was pleased to see she had learned how to sit up by herself and how to get to her belly from sitting. We are now working on trying to get her to start pulling up. I think she looks older when she is in the upright position.

Tuesday was a long day for everyone involved. Lindy had an ENT appointment and then they both had a pediatrician's appointment to get their monthly Synagis shots. Since we had both babies at the hospital we went a little early and went by the NICU. We saw a few nurses and one of our favorite neonatolgists. For the first time since we have left the NICU, they let us back in. They took us back inside so we could see the doctor at rounds and then they showed us the new Intermediate nursery, which they have completely redone. I’ll admit that my heart did start beating a little faster when we walked back through those doors. Lindy and Will’s probably started beating really fast! It was very strange to be back in there and it was very strange to see it so empty. The pod that the babies lived in only had 3 babies in it – compared to the 7 or 8 it always held while we were there. I guess that is good that there aren’t as many sick babies. Probably not good for the nurses' paychecks though.

We left the NICU and showed up on time to the ENT office. One hour and 35 minutes later we finally saw Dr. Kirse. Talk about ridiculous. The only thing worthwhile about that wait is that we saw Lindy’s audiologist and while we were waiting she made new ear mold impressions for Lindy. The appointment was uneventful and took about 10 minutes once we finally saw him. We are still going to wait and watch her vocal cords. He explained that they can inject the vocal cord with something (didn’t tell me what) that will make it larger and easier to meet up with the right one and produce sound. But he said it’s not a risk free procedure because you can sometimes make the vocal cord too big and restrict the airway. Given her breathing issues, we will not be doing this anytime soon.

We ran out of his office and hauled it across town and the babies got their Synagis shots. Lindy weighed 19lbs 6oz and Will weighed 20lbs 13oz. Little Bit is catching up with her big brother!! Neither enjoyed the shots. Lindy was so funny. (Well it was not funny that before we went in the office she puked her bottle up on herself and me. At least she had a change of clothes. I went in the office with a huge wet spot on my pants and neither of us had coats anymore). She was so hyper and having a great time until the shot. After the shot she cried hard and then she crashed. She laid her head on my chest and was asleep in about 30 seconds. The nurse had to help me dress her, asleep. She never woke up! Will fell asleep in the car about 3 minutes after leaving the office.

Lindy waved bye-bye on Thursday evening. She did it intentionally a few times! We believe that Lindy understands the word 'kisses' now. Everyday when we do her learn-to-listen sounds I have the doggie and cat give her kisses. Now when she sees them she automatically leans in for kisses. So I have started saying the word kisses, without the dog or cat around, and she leans in to get her kisses from us. She's so sweet and smart! We're working on blowing kisses now. Will can make the smack sound occasionally but hasn't put it all together with his hand at his mouth.

We have had two groups of Christmas carolers come sing at our house this week. Monday night the girl scouts came and Wednesday night the choir came. I was actually part of the choir group. Drew watched the babies so I could go caroling with the choir so I could get out of the house. I also got to enjoy the best appetizers ever at the choir party afterwards. I did bring Drew home a plate of food! The babies sat at the door and enjoyed the singing both nights!

Merry Christmas!
Bath time together. We hardly ever bathe them together but this week we've done it a few times. Lindy thinks Will is so funny.
We think Lindy's hair is so funny!
The babies' Christmas outfits last Sunday.

Playing with the bouncing Tigger that Nurse Tina sent them.
In front of the tree at church, after the cantata.
More Christmas shirts.
Will 'talking' on the phone!
The Girl Scouts caroling.
The choir caroling.
Opening their first Christmas presents of the holiday season. Thanks D.E. and Minnie Ruth!

Christmas pj's and Santa slippers

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Cute pics! It looks like you guys have as many Christmas outfits as we do :)