Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bad Mama

I missed Lindy's One Year Homecoming Anniversary. Lindy came home on December 19, 2007 after 143 days in three different NICU's. She came home on oxygen and a pulse ox monitor. We were SO happy to get her home and back from Durham. It was the best Christmas present EVER! We had spent the month and a half prior to her coming home as a split family. Someone was home with Will and someone was at Duke with Lindy.

Drew had been in Durham for the weekend so he was already there. Drew's Dad and step mom drove up to our house that morning. Suzette watched Will and Bob drove me to Durham. Drew had already gone through all of the medications and a lot of the discharge information. We ate lunch and not long after that we loaded her up in the car. We were so nervous about the oxygen and the monitor. Lindy slept most of the way home. As soon as we got here she got her first bottle at home. She was reunited with her brother who she had only been near a couple times since birth. Neither seemed to notice, but we sure were happy to see the two of them together!

Lindy has come SO far in the past year. Most noticeable is her personality change. For the first few months she was home she was not a very happy baby. And then one day she learned to suck a pacifier. She is now the happiest baby we've ever seen. She smiles all day long, until it's time to go to bed (that's a whole other story in itself!) With severe brain bleeds and severe vision and hearing loss, we really had no clue what the future held for Lindy. And although we still don't know what the outcome will really be, we know that she has exceeded all expectations we had for her. We are so proud of her when she accomplishes a new milestone. She might be taking a little longer to do things, but she is doing them. She is a little miracle.

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