Monday, December 22, 2008

Round 1 of Christmas and Santa's Visit

Saturday we celebrated Christmas with GrandBob and Suzette. The babies got some cute outfits and fun toys. Will loved his new collection of balls and Lindy stared intently at her new glow worm, waiting for it to light back up. Lindy was very interested in the bows. She had a lot of fun taking them apart.
Sunday afternoon we had a special visitor come to the house. Santa Claus made a house call for us. I was way too chicken to take the babies to a mall or retail store to see Santa. I could only think of the 1000's of sick, snotty-nosed kids who have sat on his lap and touched his beard. It was so kind of Santa to come to our house again this year so the babies could visit with him and stay healthier! Lindy was very interested in Santa and his beard. She had clumps of his beard in her hands. Although Will didn't cry, he didn't make any expressions either. He sat pretty stone-faced the entire time! I really wondered how he would react. He has gotten so incredibly shy. He did his obligatory sitting on the lap and allowing Mommy to take her pictures but he didn't seem to enjoy it like his sister!
And because I'm never in any pictures, I'm posting a couple that I'm actually in. Santa's wife (does that make her Mrs. Claus?) took these pictures while she was here.

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