Friday, December 12, 2008

I've Got Cabin Fever

I haven't left my house since last Saturday when we got home late from Mimo's birthday party. I'm going stir crazy. I really need to get out! Soon. I wonder if babies get cabin fever?

Our week seemed pretty busy. Appointments got scheduled, rescheduled, cancelled. A confusing week! Thank goodness for my appointment calendar.

Monday we had OT with Lisa. Another good visit with nothing too exciting to report. We are still waiting on Lindy to really take off with sucking on the straw bottle. After a few sucks a few weeks ago we hadn't seen much action. She can hold it herself, put the straw in her mouth by herself, but no sucking action. She tips it back like it is a bottle and that doesn't work with a straw!

Wednesday we had our Governor Morehead teacher and another lady, Sue, came with her. She is someone that specializes in mobility and orientation. She watched Lindy to see how her vision was affecting her movement. For someone with severe vision loss she said she has a lot of vision. She watched Lindy commando crawl over to different toys. She was trying to test her range of vision. She could tell she saw toys 3.5 feet away but would seem to lose them after that. She asked lots of questions about Lindy and her movement. She said she would like to see Lindy again when she is really walking well on her own. She will then take a look at how she goes up and down steps and if she sees toys when she is walking. We'll have to do something if she constantly trips over toys or steps because she doesn't see them. They can recommend canes or walking sticks if necessary. Only time will tell us if Lindy would need something like that.

Today we had our deaf and hard of hearing teacher here. She was doing some testing on Lindy today. Mostly the testing is in the form of asking us questions. I find this to be pure torture. It's all questions like, "Does she vocalize differently to care givers?" Just really hard questions for us to answer. "Does she respond to no 50% of the time?" "Does she cry when a new person enters the room?" Lindy gets counted off on some of these things because she is the most laid back, happiest little girl ever. She doesn't care who holds her. She is friendly to everyone, but apparently she should be showing some stranger awareness by now. I hate filling out any kind of developmental stuff on them. Hate it, hate it, hate it. These surveys don't take into account the fact that she has a paralyzed vocal cord and really can't vocalize when she should be. They don't take into account that she has severe hearing or vision loss. Instead she just gets penalized for it on paper. They have to do these tests, but we take them with a grain of salt. We see her progressing each day and that is what is important. Not some score on paper.

Anyways.....A couple more milestones this week. Will FINALLY started waving bye-bye last Sunday. Things are really starting to click for him. Now he waves all the time. Lindy got her 7th tooth on Wednesday. The one I've been waiting for all along. She has turned eating time into the worst time of the day. Her fingers follow every bite of food that goes into her mouth. She then brings half the food out of her mouth. Feeding her now takes forever and involves holding her hands down. She has gotten the concept of 'in' this week. She's slowly started putting toys in things when we tell her too. Tonight she put the basketball in the hoop multiple times. To my surprise she also gave me something when I asked for it. Both developmental milestones we are pleased to say she has gotten this week.

We put our Christmas tree up Monday and the babes have done amazingly well. I have the play pen around it and they haven’t noticed it too much. I wasn’t really worried about Lindy; it was Will I was worried about. Surprisingly he hasn’t paid it much attention. He knows what it is. When I ask where is the Xmas tree he looks in the right direction. Whenever he looks at it I say “Pretty” in a really soft voice. He points and smiles at it. It’s working so we are going to run with the pretty thing!

We hope everyone has a great weekend!

The first morning Will saw the tree. He wouldn't go any farther for a long time!

Sweet Christmas babies. (My Dad made fun of me for taking so many pictures in this chair, but it's the only way I can contain Will!)
I don't know what he was doing, I just think it's a cute picture!
He is doing 'So Big' in this picture.
One of my new favorites. How sweet is this?!

Lindy acting like her honey bear bottle is a real bottle.

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lauren said...

So sorry to hear about the crappy testing. YOU know how far Lindy is coming and that's all that's important :)