Sunday, December 7, 2008

Surprises for Mimo!

We successfully pulled off a surprise birthday party for Drew’s Mom, Lynn (aka Mimo) last night! After months of planning it, we finally had it and somehow she never caught wind of it! We hope Mimo had a great time at her party.

Mimo's Grandchildren. 3 redheads and Will!
The party started at 7pm last night, which is the babies' bed time. They got to stay up very late last night. They did great though. Grandbob and Suzette were lifesavers because they held and watched the babies most of the night so we could do party stuff. We had them in pj’s and left Charlotte at 10pm last night. They were both asleep in about 5 minutes. We managed to get them out of the car seats and in their beds, asleep. This has never ever happened. They usually always wake up. They were out!

I’ll back up to the beginning of the week now. Although last week was fairly quiet for the babies, Drew and I seemed very busy all week. Lindy had her hearing teacher on Tuesday and her vision teacher on Wednesday. Thursday we took the babies to get Christmas pictures taken. I had to scan them in the computer, hence the poor quality. Aren’t they the most gorgeous babies EVER? Do other people cry at night because their babies aren’t as cute as ours? I hope no one gets mad at us. We didn’t even know we would produce such adorable children! he he!

A major developmental milestone took place this week. Major in my book, not so major for others. After months, and I seriously mean like 6 months, of asking the babies how big they are and throwing their hands up in the air and saying “So BIG”, they FINALLY decided to join in this week! I was really about to give up on it! On Wednesday something clicked and they both did So Big with us. Will has taken off with So Big, he is So Big all the time now. Lindy does a one arm version of So Big. She puts her own signature spin on it. But hey, I’ll take it. Now I can move on to some new trick. Maybe in 6 months they’ll know where their noses are.

Miss Lindy sneaked a tooth in on us. I have been watching her upper gums for more teeth because they have looked like they are thinning for awhile now. Friday I was looking around and low and behold, a tooth on the bottom (to the right of her front bottom tooth) has broken through the surface. The child never shows any signs of teething. Although now that we think of it, there were a few bedtimes last week that didn’t go so smoothly. Maybe it was the new tooth.

Thursday night we got to eat dinner with some old friends from Lincolnton. As soon as Drew and I got married I moved to Lincolnton, where he was already living and working. We became friends with the Joe and Amanda. I ended up babysitting their daughter Katherine every day for 9 months while they worked. She was 9 months old when I first started keeping her. I loved watching Katherine. Well Katherine is now 7 and in first grade and they now have two other girls. We don’t see them nearly as often as we would like but it was great to catch up with them. Katherine is the oldest daughter in the pink sweater.

Katherine back when I babysat her!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Lindy spends the majority of her day pulling her socks off her feet.
Big kids in high chairs.
Lindy was so funny this day. She would pound her bongos, spin the wheel, and they play with the giraffe. She was usually holding the giraffe with one hand and pounding or spinning with the other. What a funny girl!
Will and his tongue exercise. What a mean mama I am. I put it there and hold his hands down and see if he can get it with his tongue. He hasn't done it yet. But we're working to build up that tongue strength!
On the way to Charlotte on Friday.

Will loved the doggies!


Anonymous said...

Oh my!! They are so cute! You definitely picked the right outfits. They look stunning!

Paulette said...

You are correct. Will and Lindy are beautiful and have such pretty smiles.

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.


Amanda said...

I thought that Lindy was very funny with her bongos!
And what did Will have in his mouth?


lauren said...

Cute pics :) I did get cute ones, by the way, I'm just not posting them since I'm using them as cards/gifts!

Isabelle has just learned where her nose is...and her feet. Now, when she meets someone new she sticks her foot up in the air to be rubbed. They are so funny! Congrats on W&L's new trick!

Melanie said...

Oh Jamie, they are so adorable! Those smiles are just contagious! I can't help but smile back every time I look at them. Where did you have their pics made? They are great!

Jamie said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments! Katherin, that is Will's foot in his mouth! Silly boy! Melanie, we got their Xmas pictures taken at Portrait Innovations, like everyone else in the world. I love their outfits so much though that I wanted some quick pictures of them.