Monday, October 29, 2007

Lindy Update

Lindy's surgery went very well this morning. We went down to the OR around 6:20am and they took her back for surgery around 7am. They had to reintubate her (put her back on the ventilator) but hopefully it won't take her too long to get back off the vent. They put the Broviac IV in first and then put in the shunt. The neurosurgeon said she did great. She was wide awake and squirming when she came back. We expected her to be sacked out. They started her pain medicines up quickly because she did not look like she was comfortable. After about 2 hours she was finally calmed down and sound asleep. We hope she sleeps the rest of the afternoon.

Hopefully it is our last trip to the OR. I told her to tell all her friends down there goodbye because we are not going back!!

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gary and karen said...

Hey guys,

Gary and Karen here. Great to read of Will and Lindys progress. Karen was hoping to be doing her clinical at Baptist and get to know them, but the lawyers from her school and the hospital coundn't work it out. At this point, she is still at Forsyth. I may try to head over your way Thursday to see you guys if that looks like it might work for you. I'll be in touch. We continue to think and pray for you often. Peace.