Sunday, October 21, 2007

What A Day!!

This has been one of the best days since the beginning of the NICU ride! Where to begin!

I came in this morning and found Miss Lindy on nasal cannula!!! I know the last time I wrote I said they would leave her on the ventilator until after her surgery but the doctors changed their minds! Since her surgery wasn't until the end of the week they decided to let her try it off the vent. They extubated her on Saturday morning and put her on CPAP. Boy was she mad on CPAP! She fought those prongs up her nose all day long. Most of the time they weren't in her nose and she was still doing fine. Apparently this morning they decided enough of the CPAP, let's put her on nasal cannula! This is Lindy's first time on nasal cannula! It was so cool to see her face. I got to get her out of the isolette myself and it was so easy! We've waited for this day for so long!!!
Lindy, mad as fire on CPAP! On nasal cannula!

Next the nurses helped us take a family portrait and get the babies out for their first picture together. It was so exciting. I had little matching outfits for them and I was so excited to get them together. It is the first time the babies have touched since they were inside the womb. How crazy is that! Will slept through the entire experience and Lindy didn't seem to be having a great time! But it made for some cute pictures!

The babies' shirts say, "If you think I'm cute, you should see my twin!"

Next we came back home and we headed to the church for our baby shower. The ladies of our Sunday School Class hosted a shower for us. You would not believe how much stuff we received! We got so much neat stuff! Pretty blankets, cute clothes, and fun toys. Of course we got some necessities like diapers and bottles. I was exhausted by the end of the shower!!

And finally, the phone rang about 7pm this evening. When I answered it, it was a nurse from the hospital calling to tell me that Will got moved to the intermediate nursery tonight!!! That means he is now considered a feeder and grower! He doesn't need all the services of the regular nursery. He is a big boy now! How crazy is that. This means that he is getting very close to coming home! I'm so excited for Will but I am kind of sad that he is not next to Lindy anymore. At least they are still in the same place, just one room apart from each other. I'm so glad we got the pictures of them together this morning!!
So it has been one crazy day! A good day though. A great day! We can only hope we have more good days like today because they sure beat the bad days!