Sunday, October 28, 2007

Week in Review and Surgery Alert

First things first, Lindy is having surgery tomorrow (Monday) morning at 7am!! She is having her shunt put in for her hydrocephalus. It had been tentatively scheduled for last Friday but it was postponed. She had to be 2000 grams and she was not there on Friday. She did reach 2000 grams last night so neurosurgery went ahead and scheduled it for first thing tomorrow morning. We were surprised with this news this morning when I was at the hospital.

While Lindy is already under sedation and after being extubated again, another surgeon will also be putting in a Broviac. It is a central line IV. Lindy has problems getting IV's and then has problems keeping them. It usually takes many nurses to actually get an IV and then they hardly last a few hours it seems like. Instead of having to stick her over and over they will put in a central line that they will be able to use. The Broviac can stay in place for months so now she will have an IV they can use until she leaves the hospital. It was a crazy afternoon of trying to get all that coordinated. The Broviac was a late addition and therefore they are squeezing her in. It's so much better to do it tomorrow than to have to send her back to surgery later in the week and go under sedation again. So maybe after tomorrow Lindy will be done with surgery! That would be awesome. Lindy has been quite chummy with the pediatric surgeons and anesthesiologists in the OR. We hope tomorrow is her last visit down there!

Besides the excitement happening tomorrow, there is not much news. Last week ended up being pretty quiet. Will is really digging the intermediate nursery. Of course he sleeps most of the time so I'm not sure he notices that he moved rooms! He is eating like a champ! He has been eating over 2 ounces at each feeding. He eats every three hours and it seems like he is really getting the hang of sucking, breathing, and swallowing. He started his countdown to go home on Friday. So far, so good!!!!! If he continues to behave he could possibly come home on Saturday, November 3rd!! It's exciting and scary!!

Although Lindy is still using a feeding tube, she is currently eating over an ounce every three hours. After surgery tomorrow she will have to start learning to eat from a bottle! She has tried once but we haven't tried again. Surgery is Lindy's last big thing so hopefully she can learn to eat fast and come home soon too!

Here are some pictures of the past week. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Lindy and her first bottle. BEFORE she realized it wasn't a paci and something was coming out of it.
And AFTER she realized something was coming out of it!
Little balled up Baby Will
Silly Will!
Big beautiful eyes!
Little Miss got herself all crooked in her bed one day. She was over towards the side of the bed, looking at all her cousins' pictures that are taped in there.
I got to do Kangaroo care twice with Lindy this week. Kangaroo care is skin to skin contact. She is wearing just a diaper and she is placed on my chest. It supposedly has all these great benefits like helping babies grow. Lindy loved it! She snuggled in and was so sound asleep! It was really nice.
Will during one of his champion feedings. How great would it be to sleep and eat at the same time? Will has it mastered! Mr. Will looking all fine and dandy after his bath today.Look at those cheeks! He's a big boy laying in his boppy.