Friday, October 19, 2007

Quiet Week

I can't believe it's Friday already and I haven't written anything this week. The days flew by and thankfully have been pretty quiet!

Lindy Jane continues to do pretty well. Not much of anything is going on with her right now. Thank goodness! She weighs a whopping 4 pounds 5 ounces now! But I think she still looks so tiny. She had an eye exam done yesterday and her left eye looks good but her right eye still has some of the retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) plus disease. Hopefully it can resolve by itself but if not she might have to go back to surgery for some touching up. Lindy's next big step is to have a shunt put in. Right now she has the reservoir that they drain spinal fluid from every day. She has to be 2000g to have the shunt put in. She is almost there so they have scheduled her surgery for next Friday, the 26th. We are anxious to get this done because hopefully that will be it for her. The decision was made awhile ago to just leave her on the ventilator until the surgery, so that is another reason we want to get the surgery over with. The doctors didn't see the need to take the tube out and then have to put it back in for surgery. After her big week last week she was able to take this week off from surgery, but now she has one scheduled for next week. She's got a busy life!

Mr. Will is doing awesome! He was extubated on Sunday to CPAP and then switched to nasal cannula on Tuesday. He was then taken off nasal cannula on Wednesday and has been breathing room air since then! He didn't even spend 24 hours on the CPAP. Will's other big news is that he has pooped! His plumbing works!! He had what the nurses called 'smears' of poop on Monday and then he had two big poops yesterday. So we know that everything was connected back together correctly because we are seeing results. Unfortunately he hasn't gotten to eat anything since his surgery a week ago. He is on the IV nutrition but he has not gotten anything else. We are hoping that today is the day. He has been a bit fussy the last two days and I think that is a large reason why. He's trying to suck the color off the paci so I think he is hungry!

Will is getting pretty close to coming home!!! Now that he has pooped, his only hurdle is learning to eat. He has to start slow and work his way up. He'll have to learn how to suck, swallow, and breathe from a bottle. After that he's ready to head home. We've been told it could be a couple weeks!!! Can you believe it? I never thought we'd be talking about a baby coming home. As happy as I am that Will is doing well and getting closer to coming home, it will be hard to leave Lindy at the hospital. It will be hard having one here and one there. I'm hoping after her surgery she does so well that she'll come home soon after that too.

Because there is talk of babies coming home we have been working like crazy to get everything ready at home. Being at the hospital all day and working on the house all night is quite tiring! I've learned to live on much less sleep than ever before. Good thing since I could have a hungry baby boy at home soon!

Hope you all have a good weekend.

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