Monday, October 1, 2007

2 Month Old Babies

Sunday was the babies' 2 month birthday. We honestly can't believe that they have been here two months. I should still be pregnant!

Lindy was extubated on Friday and it seemed like she was doing really well. She started off much better this time than the other couple times. She went 50 hours but was finally reintubated Sunday afternoon at 4pm. It seemed to happen kind of fast this time. Before we knew it she was requiring a lot of oxygen and working really hard to breathe. This is the longest she has stayed off the ventilator so that is a good sign. We were really hoping this was the time she would make it. They will let her grow some more and then try again! Yesterday she was 3 lb 6 oz.

Will has continued to do really well. In fact on Saturday he was breathing room air all day long! He was breathing just like you and me, with no help! It was pretty cool to see him. He did get a little tuckered out that evening so they put him back on the nasal cannula and he was on it all day Sunday. Yesterday he was back to breathing room air. He has continued to get a 5 mL bottle each day. At first it seems to choke him a little bit but then he gets the hang of it and before you know it, it's gone. He hit the 4 pound mark yesterday!

That is the news from Brenners. Another ophthalmologist will be checking their eyes sometime from Tuesday to Thursday. We are REALLY hoping they don't need treatment.

The latest pictures from this weekend.........

Will getting his first ever bottle on Friday!
A satisfied baby after his 5 mL bottle.
Long Miss Lindy. Actually she's only 15 inches but she looks long in this picture!
Lindy over the weekend when she was on CPAP.
Sweet Lindy
Little Man on Saturday when he was on room air! The only tube attached to him is his feeding tube.

Sweet Will, gazing up into his Daddy's eyes.


Ava'sMommy said...

Hi my name is Amanda! I hope you don't mind that I checked out your website, but a friend of mine at work gave me the address. I am from the Cleveland area and I had a 26 week old in February so my friend thought I would be interested in the progress of your little ones. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw your son having his bottle- My Ava had the same size first bottle and I don't know that she even finished the entire 5ml! We had our on and off CPAP and vent low pulse ox etc.- all the things you had there. We're 4.5 months out of the NICU and it seems like it was a lifetime ago. From her 2lb start, and 1lb 13 oz low, she is now up to (almost) 13 lbs and couldn't be doing better. She had her first out of the NICU eye exam yesterday and she was looking good. She's off all her meds except poly vi sol now and doesn't have any home monitors or anything. I'm sure you will all be there soon. i know it's a dificult time for you now if you ever need anyone to talk to feel free to write me

Jonathan H. said...

Hi guys,

I just thought I would let you know how excited Lindsay and I are to see the little Southern's doing so well. We can't wait to meet them.


dastiens said...

Hello Jamie and Drew,
I just wanted to tell you that the babies look wonderful and definitely are so very precious and beautiful. (Can I call Will beautiful? =) ). They have come such a long way and it's amazing the strength these little ones have.
I don't know if they still do this, but eventually they usually do put the twins together in the cribs. I'm hoping that is still common practice in the NICU's and if it is, you will see both of them will love it. That was something the NICU nurses always talked about with twins and triplets, was once they put them in the same crib (once all complications were cleared), they knew each other and improved greatly based on the energy and love they shared in the womb. Hopefully that time will come soon for Will and Lindy.
You know it's pretty typical for the girl to beat the boys when it comes to growth, oxygen, etc...but Will looks like he's putting his boxing gloves and he's ready to do what he can to beat that theory. I'm sure Lindy isn't far behind once she realizes that brother dear is ahead of her.
No, but really what beautiful children they are and you can just see the love they have for you and Drew when they open their eyes. Later on down the road they'll be using that same look to beg for toys and candy so enjoy it while you can.
Thank you again for sharing and I look forward to every post with the babies.
Oh and by the way, if they do end up needing surgery for their eyes, the nurses had told us there was a very successful rate for the surgeries and the little ones. So I'm sure they've made some headway with it now. Jacob didn't need it, but I felt confident that if he had needed it, it would've been fine.