Friday, September 28, 2007

Big Day!

First, the babies will be staying put, for now. They are going to have another ophthalmologist check them on Tuesday or Wednesday. Hopefully neither will need any immediate treatment and neither will have to go anywhere. If one or both do need treatment, then they would get moved to another hospital. We are REALLY hoping they won't need treatment!

Will has had an exciting morning. Big boy got his first bottle!!! I got to feed him his first bottle with 5 mL in it. He did awesome. He kept his stats stable the whole time. He didn't desat or drop his heart rate and he didn't choke. He sucked it down in a couple minutes!! He will get one small bottle each day to help him learn to coordinate sucking, swallowing, and breathing.

Lindy is having a big day too. Her endotracheal tube is a little small for her and therefore she has air leaks. In rounds today they talked about putting in a larger tube. Since they have to take one tube out, they decided to let her try CPAP. They gave her a dose of steriods and she will get two more doses. Hopefully this will help her out. It would be so great to get her off that vent. It's been so neat seeing Will without all the stuff on his face and it would be so fun to see Lindy like that too.

So an eventful day for the family. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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lauren said...

I hope they will both get to stay put at Brenner's next week! I'll continue praying for you guys!
lauren richardson