Sunday, September 16, 2007

Third Times A Charm????

First off, Will does not have an infection! We were very happy to find that out. Since he did not have an infection, they decided to extubate him again on Friday. They took him off the ventilator at 1pm on Friday and has done well all weekend. He seems to be doing better this time than the last two times so we are hoping that this is it!

Miss Lindy is very close to being extubated, we are just waiting for her oxygen requirements to decrease a little. Her ventilator settings are very low, providing very little support, but for some reason she seems to need a little more oxygen. We think she will be extubated early this week. It would be great for this to be the week they both get off the ventilator!

Will weighed 3 lbs 3 oz yesterday and Lindy weighed 2 lbs 11oz. They are both eating now. Lindy was finally started and her feeds have been increasing slowly. She is up to about 4.5 mL per hour. Will was up to 7 mL per hour but he was producing too much stool out of his ostomy and therefore they had to decrease his feeds. They are really starting to put some weight on though!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Here are some recent pictures.

I don't know if you can see it very well, but Will got his hair brushed and he got his first ever part in his hair! The nurse said he was a big boy and needed a part!
Our Little Cowboy (sorry the picture is turned the wrong way)!
Miss Lindy without the tape on her face! This is really the first time we've seen her without the tape on her face. Isn't she beautiful?
Lindy was happy about something, she was smiling away. Although it's hard to catch in a picture!
Sweet Baby Lindy, a picture taken while I was holding her one afternoon.

Miss Lindy and her favorite purple hat.

Will with NOTHING on his face!!!! Isn't he so cute?Another Will with nothing on his face. I caught the tail end of a smile!
Unfortunately it was back to the CPAP, but look how cute he looks!!


Marcus said...

Drew and Jamie,
The kids are beautiful!

Congratulations on a good day. We're praying that God would continue to protect and grow Will and Lindy.

Marc and Aimee
p.s. - any chance you can get some Tarheel socks on those babies?

lauren said...

So glad to read that the kids seem to be progressing - every time I am up at church folks are always asking! They are getting loads of prayers from their friends at Central Terrace :)