Monday, September 3, 2007

New Pictures of the Babies

We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We had a nice weekend at the NICU. My parents were in town which was nice.

Lindy is scheduled for her PDA surgery tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11:30am. We are hoping that it will really get done tomorrow, it's been cancelled two other times! She has done well after having the reservoir put in on Friday. She was wide awake all weekend long. I think she might not have been feeling 100%. She seemed better today though, I hate that she has to go through everything again tomorrow.

Will has continued to do well. He was desatting a little more than normal this morning so they went up on his ventilator settings a little bit and that seemed to help. Other than being a little ornery today, he's had a good weekend. He is one sleepy boy! He sleeps all day long. I'm jealous!

Get ready for lots of pictures! Hope you enjoy them.

Drew holding Lindy on Labor Day.
Sweet Lindy. You can see her incision on the left side of her head. You can see a bump where the reservoir is. Jamie holding Will on Labor Day.
Sweet Baby Will
We turned the kids into Demon Deacon fans on Saturday for their first game. They each had a Wake blanket in their bed, a yellow blanket on top of their isolettes, and their Wake socks on! We thought they might be good luck charms that would help Wake beat Boston College, but it didn't work out that way. We'll try again this weekend for the big Nebraska game.
Lindy and her Wake socks.
Lindy's Game Day getup. Will had the same blankets in his bed.
Will really enjoyed his first big game day.

Little Man

On Friday, before Lindy's surgery, I actually got to hold her! It was the first time I had held her. I had not even had the chance to pick her up. It was awesome! I got to sit in a chair and hold my baby girl for over an hour. Can you imagine having to wait over a month to hold your child? I wish I could have held her all day!

The happy family, although we are missing Will! Little Miss Lindy
Sacked out Will. He always looks so comfortable in his bed!


Lynn said...

What precious babies!!! You're a beautiful family. The smiles on your faces make my heart happy. My thoughts and prayers will be with all of you tomorrow.

Anna said...

The babies look great and Lindy is in my prayers today. I do have to say I'm going to be bringing out the APP stuff for them soon! We need them to be pulling for a history making team!!!

Matt said...

Love the new photos and glad to hear the surgery went well. We're looking forward to seeing you all Wednesday night.