Friday, September 14, 2007


The doctors had planned to extubate Will on Thursday, but Wednesday when they checked his abdomen it looked a little red and puffy, which could be a symptom of infection. So they put him on antibiotics and drew some blood cultures. We're still waiting to see if the cultures grow anything. Hopefully, they'll come back negative and they can start thinking again about taking him off the vent. Lindy has done really well in the last few days and there is talk of extubating her sometime soon.

On a brighter note, Drew got to hold Will for the first time on Thursday, while Jamie held Lindy. That means Pops has held both kids in one week, and is catching up with Mom in the baby-holding sweepstakes. They're so small, but so cute. They just nestle right down and go to sleep when we hold them. Next week when we hold them, we're going to wait until the nurses aren't looking, put Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls in their beds, and sneak 'em out of the NICU. Don't rat us out.

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Frenda and Pete said...

Up and down-children-what are you doing to your parents? What are their weights now? LOVE