Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Pictures of the Sweetest Babies Ever!

I know this website is dedicated to the babies, but did any of you catch the Wake Forest versus Maryland game on Saturday! What a game. I actually drug myself out of the NICU and went to the game. I'm glad my time away from the babies ended up being so exciting!

Anyway, back to the babies. It was another quiet weekend. Except for Drew and his first poopy diaper experience! He was changing Lindy's diaper Saturday evening and it went from a wet diaper to a poopy diaper in the midst of the diaper change. Four diapers later there was poop all over Lindy and the inside of her isolette :) Drew stuck with it as long as he could and finally had to call in reinforcements from the nurse. I unfortunately missed the entire thing. It was his first poopy diaper, but the nurse said that it was worth 10 poopy diapers!

The babies are doing well. There really have not been many changes lately. The only major change is that today they started condensing Lindy's feeds. Right now their feedings are on a continuous pump. They will now start giving her certain amount of feeds over a shorter period of time. For instance, instead of getting 21 mL over 3 hours, she will get 21 mL of two hours and then have one hour off. They will eventually go to 21 mL over 1 hour. They try to get her to where she can eventually eat a bottle every couple hours. It might seem confusing, but it is a good step in the right direction.

Here are some new pictures of the cutest babies EVER!!!
The FIRST picture of the babies TOGETHER!!!!!
I was holding Lindy and Drew was holding Will. We got them as close together as we could, seeing as they are still attached to plenty of cords and IV's and tubes, and whatever else! This is the closest they have been since they were in the womb!

Will, with the CPAP blocking most of his face!
A picture taken during Lindy's second attempt off of the ventilator.
Will and his first camo outfit. He is all ready to go fishing and hunting with Papa!
Sweet Lindy in a pretty new outfit.
Here is a view of downtown Winston-Salem. This is the window we look out of from the hospital. It's a pretty picture that I couldn't pass up.

Our second family portrait. Saturday was a great day. We got to each hold a baby and then go watch Wake beat Maryland in overtime. They can't get much better than that!
Our babies LOVE to lay with their hands up around their face. The nurses try to swaddle the babies and they always get their hands out and up to their heads!
Wide-eyed Lindy in a pretty pink outfit.
Peaceful Will, still chugging along on CPAP! It's been over a week!
Will wore his first collared shirt today and he looked so spiffy. He was wearing his Sunday best. He was ready to go to church with Daddy. He can't wait to meet all his friends at Palmyra UMC!

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Katie Lagos said...

Hi Jamie and Drew,

Those are great pictures! I love Will's collared shirt and Lindy's wide eyes. I am so proud of Will for doing so great with his breathing - he is so strong! I know Lindy will be soon to follow. She is just too busy looking pretty in her new clothes to think about breathing for now!
I am soooooo happy I got to meet the babies last weekend. It is even more fun to see them in the pictures knowing what they look like in real life.
Talk to you soon!

Love, Katie

P.S. So glad you got to go to the game!