Thursday, September 6, 2007

Matching Face Gear

What an exciting day! Both Will and Lindy were extubated (taken off the ventilator) today! One was intentional and one was not!

Will's extubation was planned. He had been doing well on his ventilator settings and the doctors were ready to try again. They extubated him around 1pm today.

Lindy on the other hand, extubated herself this morning! Apparently she overheard us talking about Will's extubation and she decided she would like to try life without a ventilator too! We arrived at 9:30am this morning and the nurse said, "Do you notice anything different?" I looked at her and she was on CPAP, not the ventilator. They explained that she had turned her head one direction and ET tube stayed put. The tube came out and instead of reintubating her, they decided to try and see how she did on CPAP.

As of 10pm they are both still off the ventilator and doing well. We would love for both kids to stay off the ventilator, but we will have to wait and see. Their little bodies might get too tired!

Enjoy the pictures of their matching head gear (the stuff required for CPAP).

Beside being extubated today, Will got to wear his first shirt!

Lindy Jane on the ventilator

Will on the ventilator

Lindy off the ventilator and on CPAP.

Will off the ventilator and on CPAP.


Frenda and Pete said...

YEAH!!!! They are just TOO cute. Even if they stay off a little while, hopefully it will continue to make them stronger-kind of like exercise. YOU GO SOUTHERN BABIES.

Janice said...

I love it! Lindy is determined to keep up with her brother -- get her shirt ready.

Her Daddy said...

Go Will and Lindy! They continue to amaze me with their progress. Lindy is something else! You're going to have your hands full! Have a great weekend!