Saturday, September 1, 2007

New Update on Lindy

Lindy had her surgery yesterday to put the reservoir in her head to drain spinal fluid and she did really well. She was scheduled for around 12:30pm but they did not come for her until about 2:15pm. She was back around 3:45pm and they said she did really well during the surgery.

The reservoir was needed because spinal fluid has been building up in her brain. They drained 22 mL of spinal fluid yesterday after the surgery and they drained 14 mL more this morning. Hopefully relieving the pressure from the fluid has made her feel better today. Drew and I can tell a noticeable difference in the size of her head, it seems a lot smaller.

She was pretty groggy all day yesterday and today. She did seem pretty wide awake today and she seemed to be doing really well with all her vital signs. She didn't seem to 'desat' as much today.

We are so thankful she did well. We appreciate everyone who was thinking and praying for her. She has the weekend to rest up and then her PDA surgery is scheduled for Tuesday.

Will continues to do really well. He was in a deep sleep today. I think he probably spent most of yesterday worrying about Lindy so he was pretty tired today!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

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Beth said...

Jamie and Drew,

Hi! I'm Anita's cousin, Beth, from Garner. Just wanted to let you know that my family is in your prayer corner with you. Will and Lindy are absolutely beautiful!! Our son, Joseph, underwent many complications at birth about 10 years ago. He was on ventilators too. He had a helmet for oxygen when he was taken off his vent for the first time. He and Will will have to share their football stories later. Joseph and Lindy can talk too. We were constantly measuring Joseph's head for microcephaly (small head...he was in the 2% with head circumference). Thanks for posting this site so that we may enjoy watching these two precious babies get stronger every day!

God Bless!
Beth, Dale, Joseph and Will Faucette