Thursday, August 30, 2007

Update on Lindy

We came in this morning and after much discussion among many doctors, they have decided that Lindy will NOT be having her PDA ligation as planned today.

If you have read the blog you know that Lindy has an intraventricular hemorrhage in her brain that has caused hydrocephalus. The doctors, as well as neurosurgery, have been checking her each day. Until now they had just been checking, but this morning they felt that her head feels much fuller and that some of the fluid needs to be drained off. They wanted to schedule her for surgery to insert a reservoir tomorrow.

The attending did not feel that Lindy should have surgery done two days in a row. He got in touch with both the neurosurgeon and cardiac surgeon and they got in touch with each other. They all decided that having the reservoir surgery is most important right now and that the PDA can wait a few more days.

Therefore, as of right now, Lindy will be having a reservoir put in tomorrow and the PDA ligation is now scheduled for Tuesday.

P.S. Will is still doing well!!


Richard,Anita,Josh,Logan said...

The babies are so beautiful.I know it has been stressful for you two,and alot of long nights. And our thoughts and prayers are with all of you,and if there is anything Richard or I can do feel free to let us know.Thanks for sharing your pictures. Richard,Anita, Josh& Logan

lauren said...

Drew and Jamie - I talked to Katie and she said you guys are no longer at Ronald McDonald. I just wanted to offer my house if you want a place to stay or just a place to crash at any point. I'm about 10 minutes from the hospital. You are welcome any time, but I'm going to be gone Sept 9-15 (starting next Sun after church), and I'd be happy to give you a key. Just let me know!