Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Big day for Will

Today Will was switched from the jet ventilator to a conventional ventilator! This is definitely a step in the right direction! Will has made so much progress with his lungs and ventilator settings. He kept the doctors really busy last week and over the weekend. He has done well all day on the conventional ventilator and they have continued to lower his settings all day.

Will is also doing really well with his feedings. They started him this weekend with 1 mL every 8 hours! He was really getting full! He has done so well that they have increased them each day, from 1 mL every 4 hours, to 1 mL every 2 hours, and today he has gone to 1 mL every hour! Our little man is doing well. The doctor said he had a "Great night!"

Lindy has had another challenging day. She has completely taken on Will's problems from last week. She now has the lungs that we are really worried about, along with her other various problems. They thought she was getting an infection yesterday and started her on antibiotics. Today they are saying they do not think she has an infection. Of course they did tests that will tell us for sure.

Lindy is most likely going to have surgery this week on her PDA (the hole in her heart that usually closes on babies). This should help her out with her lungs and ventilator settings. We are waiting to hear from the doctors when this will be scheduled for. We are not looking forward to our little girl having surgery, but we are looking forward to seeing the results and positive changes as a result of the surgery.

Lindy has been very moody lately! All the nurses laugh and say she is going to be a lot of fun when she is a teenager! Lindy likes to desat (when her oxygen level dips down) a lot. Sometimes she does it when you are just looking at her. We hope this is not predicting the future!

Overall it's been a quiet day and we are thankful for that. Little Lindy might have a busy rest of the week but we will just have to wait and see!


Jasper said...

Hallo Lindy en Will,

Welkom in deze wereld. Wat fijn dat jullie er zijn! Met jullie komst is de wereld weer een stukje beter geworden. Soms is het hier een zootje, maar over het algemeen valt het er best uit te houden. Ik hoor dat jullie soms nog een beetje twijfelen over het hier blijven, maar ik zou willen zeggen: Hou vol! Het is het waard. Zeker met een stoere moeder als die van jullie. En jullie pa is ook een rechtschapen kerel. Wees dus maar mooi aardig tegen ze. En voor de rest zou ik zeggen: maak er een mooi leven van! Geniet ervan, blijf gezond, en wordt lekker oud. Veel succes!


Nog voordat ik hallo en welkom kon zeggen was je alweer weg. Misschien dacht je wel dat het hier een te grote puinhoop was op aarde en ik moet toegeven, dat ik me daarvoor schaam. Ik ga harder mijn best doen om dat te voorkomen. Het leven is het best waard. Je gaat wat missen! Rust zacht in ieder geval. Zelf zonder je te kennen, mis ik je al.

Jamie & Drew,

In case you're wondering why I am talking Dutch to your kids... As if they understand English. It's the message that counts. Hang in there! When even some odd Dutch guy in Washington, DC is caring, you must be doing well. Good luck!


Virginia said...

So glad to hear William had a good day! Typical guy, always hungry!

Katie Lagos said...

Hi Jamie and Drew,

Your babies are so precious, beautiful, and amazing! I love seeing Lindy's eyes in the pictures and Will's fuzzy hair is adorable! I am glad to hear that Will has made lots of progress lately. I hope that Lindy will be soon to follow. You guys are such amazing parents already! We are praying and thinking about you constantly. Can't wait to see you soon!

Love, Katie

Cathy said...

Jamie and Drew,
I am so glad that Will is having a good day and I am sure Lindy will get there soon. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

nicolejared said...

Hi Jamie & Drew,

Thank you for sharing the updates and pictures! I've been thinking about you guys and I'm glad to hear some good news. The Southern babies are adorable and certainly are little troopers!

Nicole & Jared

Melanie said...

Hi Jamie and Drew,
Melissa told me about this page, and I check it everyday to see how the babies are doing. I am soooo glad to hear that Will is doing well! Jamie you amaze me with your strength! You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Freebygrace said...

Just wanted you to know we are praying for you. My sister in law works with someone related to you. I had twins that spent time in the NICU, one of which weighed 2 lb 11 oz. They are 12 now and doing great. I know GOD can bless you all during this very trying time. Keep looking up to him and we will keep praying for you.