Monday, August 20, 2007

The first week in the NICU

The first week of NICU life was very hard. Lindy and Will were both at Forsyth and both fighting along. Both babies had the phototherapy light for jaundice, feedings started and stopped and very sick little lungs. It was a very hard week, worrying about our precious little babies and trying to recover from a c-section. I never really had any time to rest and recover.

I was released from the hospital on Friday, August 3rd. Because we were not quite ready to be 45 minutes away from home, we stayed at a hotel right across the street from Forsyth.

Saturday morning we woke up to our cell phones ringing. It was a doctor from Forsyth telling us that Will needed to be transferred to Brenner's Children's Hospital at Baptist for emergency surgery on his intestines. They said he had some kind of perforation in his intestines. We quickly got dressed and got to Forsyth and saw Will before the transport team from Baptist came to get him. We went over to Baptist and waited for them to get him settled.

They quickly took him into surgery and they discovered a small tear in his small intestine. He lost 1-2 centimeters of his intestine, which we hear is really good. It could have been a lot worse. He now has a mucus fistula and ostomy on his belly.

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