Monday, September 10, 2007

Quiet Days!

When I don't post that means there isn't too much going on. Which we really like! We have had a good string of quiet days and we hope it continues!

Both the babies are back on the ventilators and are doing well. They are both on pretty low ventilator settings. Will, and maybe Lindy, will probably be extubated again at the end of the week.

I was able to hold Will on Friday for the first time. We had been able to lift him up while the nurse changed out his blankets, but this time I got to sit in a chair and hold him. Although I loved it and was in hog heaven, I do not know how much Will enjoyed it! He was desatting most of the time! At least one of us had a good time!

Today I got to hold Lindy for the second time. I can't even begin to tell you how jealous Drew is getting! I held her for over an hour and she did awesome! Unlike her brother, she seemed to really enjoy being held!

Both babies are now able to wear real clothes! The preemie outfits I have for them are too big, but we still put them on the kids. It feels like a big step to see them in real clothes and I have enjoyed getting to pick out an outfit and dress them.

Enjoy some recent pictures!

Holding Will for the first time last Friday.
Will's first 'real' preemie outfit.
Lindy's first 'real' outfit.
Holding Lindy today.

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Her Daddy said...

Jamie, it is so good to see you holding the babies!!! I know it's the best feeling ever! I'm so excited that they're continuing to do well. And they look adorable in their outfits!