Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Baby Girl Got Tired

Lindy was reintubated (put back on the ventilator) around 11pm last night. She was requiring too much oxygen support. She'll probably be on the ventilator another week and they will probably try again. This will give her time to grow and get bigger. It took Will three times so maybe the next time will be it for Lindy too!

Will on the other hand is rocking on CPAP! The ventilator is just a bad thought for him now!


Doc said...

Hey Guys!!! Wow small world!!! I am Wyatt's daddy. Remember Ronald McDonald House and the elevator about 2 weeks ago... you said Wyatt looks like me... I have a great friend that is a friend and business associate of your Aunt Joan (Day spa right?). We were talking today about my son and then one thing led to another and we realized who you guys were. The kids are looking great!! Don't get discouraged.. good times ahead. It is like I have been saying, I am ready to get to the regular issues that don't involve medical intervention... God Bless!
Carey Cox

Stewart said...

Lauren and I are reading the blog and praying for your family.

Glenn said...


Drew and I go back to high school when he used to eat cookies everyday from my house...what a weirdo.

I have read your blog and it is incredibly inspiring to me and my family. Your babies are truly amazing and beautiful, and seeing how each day they both get stronger and stronger really shows the Southern fight in them. My family will be thinking about you guys.

Glenn and Jane Stiegman