Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Update

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours has been fairly quiet. Will has continued to do well after surgery. He was pretty snowed most of the weekend from the anesthesia. He was moving around pretty good today though. He was on the ventilator all weekend but they extubated him around 4:30pm this afternoon. I'm sure he was glad to have that tube out of his throat. Now he just gets the prongs up his nose. I wonder which one is better?! We are still waiting for the first poop, but the nurses say they do hear good bowel sounds. So it sounds like there is something brewing in there! Will passed the 5 pound mark. Isn't that crazy?

Lindy has been cruising along as well. They restarted her feeds Friday after all her surgeries. By tomorrow morning she will be eating about one ounce every three hours. One ounce is 30 mL. Lindy passed the 4 pound mark this weekend. Again, I can't believe it! I got to hold Lindy today for the first time in awhile. She did so well.

One exciting happening over the weekend was that we now have a nursery! All the furniture is put together now in the room. I'm still working on getting the bedding washed and ironed. My parents were in town this weekend and helped us get it all set up. It sure looks different with cribs in there. Now all we need is some babies to go in there!

Here are some pictures over the last week. Have a great Monday.
Holding Lindy today. She seemed to enjoy being held! She has been smiling at us lately. It is so sweet. She hadn't had much to smile about lately so it makes me feel good to see her sweet grin.
Will soon after his surgery on Thursday. He was so out of it! He looked so big laying there, all stretched out.
Will and his pain medicine pump!! He was helping himself to some of the good stuff.
Lindy hanging out in her diaper, just like Will.
Lindy, with a ugly ole IV in her forehead. It's gone now!
Will, presurgery. This was what his belly did look like with his intestines coming up to his belly. He pooped out into the ostomy bag. No more ostomies and bag though!
Lindy after one of her surgeries last week.
Silly Will lost his paci!
Grinning Will. He's not much in the mood for grinning these days. We can't wait to see that smile again.
Drew giving his first ever baby bath!

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Paulette said...

Ron and I are so happy that your beautiful babies are doing so well. They sure seem to be gaining weight like champs. Your blogs are great. It is such a nice way to keep up with their progress.

Best wishes to all of you!!!

Ron and Paulette