Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday Update

Take two.....I wrote a post earlier and the internet stopped working. I'll try this again!

Lindy had her eye surgery last night at 9pm. She was scheduled to have it around 3pm! She kept getting bumped because they needed the OR's for emergency surgeries. She was back in the NICU around 11pm. The ophthalmologist said the surgery went well, without complications. Her eye was red and puffy last night when she returned but it looked much better this morning.

Now there is some concern about her belly. Apparently it has looked distended for a couple days. They stopped her feedings for surgery but before that she was doing fine. She has barely any residuals and was pooping fine. Her belly x-rays showed some gas. They have scheduled her for a barium enema tomorrow morning to check everything out. I think I might have to jump out the window of the NICU if they actually find something wrong. I also think I might need a barium enema because my stomach is getting pretty twisted up from worry and nerves!

Will has continued to do well. He has been on room air since yesterday morning. He got a new bed this morning. He is now living in a radiant warmer. The isolette is a thing of the past! This morning Drew and I got to give the big boy a good scrubbing down. It was Drew's first bath time with the babies. It wasn't in a tub yet, just in the bed. Will's surgery (to put his intestines back together) is scheduled for 9am on Thursday.

So it's a big week for the babies. I'll be pretty happy when it's over!!

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