Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Update

After much discussion between many doctors today, they feel that Lindy can wait a couple days and have her eyes checked again to decide exactly if/when treatment is needed. It was a long day of waiting for some news from the doctors. One good sign for us (not for the other baby) is that they did move a baby to Duke today for treatment. Therefore we know that if Lindy had been bad enough and needed treatment that they wouldn't have hesitated in moving her as well. Although I really hate that the other baby did have to go, I'm glad they feel that Lindy did not need to go. Oh the joy and worry of the NICU life. So we have a couple more days to worry about this whole situation. I'll be glad when it is resolved, it's about to send me over the edge!! Until now I've been pretty calm, but this one is really getting me up in a tizzy!

Will's news for today is that they raised the top of his isolette so that he now is in an open bed. That means he is receiving no warmth from the isolette, he is having to maintain his own temperature. It also means that we can see him! You just walk up and he's there! No isolette to look through!! Although he's wrapped up pretty tight in blankets so you can't actually see too much of him, just his sweet head sticking out! He did well all day maintaining his temp.


Ann said...

Jamie, Drew, Lindy, and Will,
Love and prayers to each of you. I think of you each time I visit the MGH NICU. Love, Ann Haywood-Baxter

Jasper said...

Hang in there!