Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Eye Surgery Number Two

So today turned out to be another busy day for Miss Lindy. First off she had her barium enema at 9:30am, and I'm happy to say that everything is FINE!!!!! For once, Lindy has good news. They said she did well during the whole thing.

So fast forward a couple hours and the ophthalmologists came to do their regular Wednesday eye checks. Remember Lindy got checked Monday and had surgery Monday night on her left eye. Well guess what, the right eye needed it today. They originally were going to schedule the surgery for tomorrow, but because they knew Will was having surgery tomorrow they decided to do it today. They said the OR had some open time this afternoon. The doctors were being considerate in not making me worry about two surgeries on the same day! They checked Lindy around 2pm and I went downstairs with them at 3pm. She was back up around 5pm and the doctors said it went well and that Lindy did great. While they were doing her right eye, they also 'touched up' some more places on the left eye. Her eyes were red when she got back but not as puffy as on Monday night.

Poor girl. It's been a rough Wednesday. She is such a strong little girl. She has really been through the wringer and has come out of everything so well. We are so proud of her. We just hope that her troubles are coming to an end. It's just not fair how much she has had to go through.

We are anxiously awaiting Will's surgery tomorrow morning. His surgery is going to last 3-4 hours!

We sure will be glad when this week is over! 3 surgeries in one week is TOO many (for the babies and for Mommy)!!!