Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1st

I cannot believe it's November. Three months of sitting in a hospital have flown by.

The babies celebrated their 3 month birthdays on Tuesday. It really is so hard to believe. I actually have a hard time believing everything we have been through. I can't even remember how little the babies were when they were born. I saw a new baby in the NICU the other day and I asked the nurse if my babies were that little and she said yes. Thankfully the last 3 months have gone by very quickly!

Lindy had her surgery Monday morning and is still recovering from that. She isn't recovering very fast this time though. She is still on the ventilator with pretty high settings. She has been dropping her heart rate and oxygen saturation a lot lately. Yesterday they started a septic work up to check for an infection. They draw all kinds of samples, blood, urine, etc, and they see if anything (bacteria) grows out from it. They got that all done yesterday evening so we'll wait on that. They started her on antibiotics just in case she does have an infection. I hope she doesn't have any infections.

Will has continued to do great this week. He has started eating 3 ounces (90mL) at each feeding! He is a little piglet! He has been on his brady countdown (can't drop his heart rate for 7 days). Today will be day 6 of 7! He's so close and if he continues to behave than he can come home on SATURDAY!!!! We have been working to finish getting the house ready for babies. We got out a car seat and installed it in the car in case he does get to come home! We're getting excited but also getting a little nervous!

Everyone have a wonderful Thursday.


Joey said...

GO WILL! You can do it!

And good luck Lindy, hope she recovers from surgery okay.

Lots of love to all of you,

Melanie said...

Ohhhhhh, I am sooooooo excited......and nervous for you guys. It looks like Will is coming home! You guys are about to embark on a new adventure. It is going to be tough having one home and one still at the hospital, but I know you can do it. After all you've been through, what's one more hurdle? Right? We'll keep praying for Lindy. I know she'll be home soon too. Once she realizes her brother is gone, she will get jealous and improve in no time. Good luck with everything, and keep us posted.

will amy said...

We pray for you each day. It is so exciting that Will will be able to go home soon. I know it will be hard traveling between home and the hospital. I talked to Carolyn Albright about taking photos of your sweet little ones as a gift from us. I am sure you want to wait until both are out of the hospital. I want to talk to you more about it.
We miss you,
amy and will

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